There are many ways of wrapping presents. Here I’m going to show you some simple and natural ways to wrap a Christmas present. I’ve used brown paper to wrap my prestens for the last I don’t know how many years and I still really like it. To me, this is the old fashioned and traditional way, but I guess with a twist as I normally add foliage or a personalized tag.

If you have a friend who really likes say the colour blue, then why not add some blue string or a ribbon, for that all important personal touch.

If you don’t have any foliage you can cut a bit off your Christmas tree. Nobody will notice a couple of missing branches. Foliage should be easily available from a good florist or take a trip to the woods to pick some yourself. You don’t need a lot.

This gift was wrapped in that very traditional brown kraft paper. I wrapped the string around the present in an irregular pattern, make sure it’s quite tight and attach the string to the bottow of the present with some tape. It’s as simple as it gets, but with a branch of eucalyptus it looks modern and it also smells fantastic! Add a tag of choice. The colours are beautiful aren’t they?


I wrapped this present in white paper and slipped a branch of my Norfolk Island pine tree under the string. Simple, but pretty.


The last present was wrapped in black paper and I used a chunkier string. You don’t need to use a lot of this type of string. You could of course add greenery and a tag to this present too, but I’ve chosed to keep it very simple.


I’m happy to say that most of our presents are now all ready for Christmas. I add the foliage as late as possible as it is of course better to keep it in water. If you’ve not finished wrapping yet, I hope you’ll use some of my ideas! x

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Christmas_presents_wrapped_with_foliage_and string_eucalyptus



I’ve written about homify before (here), but this time I’ve checked out some Christmas ideas on the site. I know I’ve said my Christmas will be all white this year or at least mostly, there will of course be a green Christmas tree involved.

Just because I’ve been showing mostly white photos I thought todays post should be a bit more colourful. I really like this living room. It just looks so inviting. Moody decor is definitely nice at Christmas time or should I say in the winter. I light candles almost every evening in the winter months. Is there still time to paint all the walls before Christmas?!


photo by Farrow & Ball  / homify.co.uk

I love the candle holders and the fireplace. It just simply looks magical here, not to mention warm and cosy. The bright and colourful Christmas baubles look really beautiful in this room. The Christmas tree almost disappears with the colour of the walls.


photo by Farrow & Ball  / homify.co.uk


photo by Farrow & Ball  / homify.co.uk

I’m one for alternative Christmas trees, so I think this is really nice.


photo by Farrow & Ball  / homify.co.uk

I’ve set up my own profile and added a couple of my projects. I’ve also created some ideabooks, some for now and some for in the future, well hopefully!

At the moment homify have a giveaway and you can enter in their Christmas giveaway. There are 15 prices to win.

A few days ago I took part in the Norwegian Interior Blogs challenge – Furnish with plants. I’m happy to say that my photo made it both to the final and to be featured on Desire to Inspire. I really like my new white workspace and I’m pleased that I’m not the only one.

Would you please vote for me?! It’s easy. Below all the 10 photos just click on my name, then on vote. You can do it here. The competition is really hard, so please help me collect some votes!

white_origami_vase_norfolk_pine_tree_headphonesThank you!! x


I was sent some really lovely organic white tea by Lov Organics. The flavour is peach and blackcurrant and as always it’s very fragrant. I had some fun in my new all white office drinking tea whilst writing my last minute Christmas cards. With a week to go before Christmas I was also writing a list of all the things I’ve still got to do, which is quite a lot. I’m sure it’ll all come together, somehow it always does.





We’re hoping for a white Christmas, but I’m not sure it’ll happen.  x

This is the last post of my Tuesday Tips column! I’ve enjoyed writing lots of tips and DIY the last year and a half (!), so I’ve decided it’s time for a change.

Right, my last tip is – “DIY wrapping paper”! It’s soon Christmas and I’m sure a lot of you are wrapping presents at the moment. I don’t really like very colourful Christmas wrapping paper, so I’ve bought white wrapping paper. Some presents I’ll be wrapping all white, but other ones I’ll be wrapping in my own grid paper. It’s really easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time. (More grids here.)



Here’s what to do. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Cut the paper you need to the size of the present you will be wrapping. Then start making your lines. I used a black pen, but you could of course create thicker lines with a marker pen. My lines are about 1″ apart. I used my spirit level as a ruler because a normal ruler wouldn’t be long enough. I used a ruler to measure out 1″ after ever line to make the lines look accurate. Once you’ve finished the vertical lines you can start on the horizontal ones. When you’ve created all the lines, your grid wrapping paper is ready for use.



You can of course use rubber stamps in all kinds of chapes or the rubber on a back of a pencil to create dots. If you don’t like black and white, use colours.

Thank you for reading my (many) Tuesday Tips! x