Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello October

I'm planning October today and it looks like it's going to be really busy. Saying that, Magnus and I are also planning a trip to see my parents. We'll be in Spain for almost two weeks. My parents now live in Spain, so I can't wait to see and stay in the town house they have rented. I'll of course take lots of photos to show you. Until then though, a lot of work this week before we jet off next Wednesday. There are a lot of fun projects coming up, so I'm very excited about that. Can't wait to tell you more about what I or actually we (!) are up to behind the scenes...!!

You can find the free printable October calendar in my Pinterest folder. I think the colour Peacock Blues goes really well with black and white. Time for a DIY project, don't you think?! That tester pot of paint is sat there waiting for me. I think it's a great moody and autumn colour. 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tuesday Tips - Decorate with branches

Yes, it's that time of year again. Time to get out there and collect some branches! They're not only natural, but also free. I think they look fantastic inside. I think plants and nature are really important in interiors and why not use the different seasons inside too. 

I always have a branch with fairy lights on in the winter, but I think it's a bit too early for that and will stick to a branch on it's own for now. I can always add the lights later. 

Details from the studio of Sibella Court photo by Sean Fennessy

styling: emma persson lagerberg photography: petra bindel 

photo and styling by Daniella Witte

Pia Ulin's home photo by Residence Magazine

photo by Haymes

Not forgetting of course that you can paint branches whatever colour you like to add a bit of colour. 

For more Tuesday Tips click here.


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Christmas in September

Walking around a couple of shops the other day I came across something I wasn't quite ready to see - Christmas! Seriously, in September?! I'm only just getting over the fact that summer is over. What happened to Autumn? Are we just going to fast forward? I'm a bit upset! I think it's far too early and need a bit more time to come round to the idea of Christmas. A branch however, that I might go out and look for and a couple of stars won't hurt right?! These House Doctor paper stars look just as cool as they did last year and I would still really like one (or two). My favourite is the oversized black one

photo by House Doctor

I've also noticed that some of you have started pinning from my Christmas folder on Pinterest. Wonder what I'll be making this year. Looks like I'll have to get my act together and come up with some DIY projects. 

I like a minimalist approach with a bit of roughness to it. Maybe not so warm and cozy, but fun! I think trees look great even without decorations. All green or just a branch. 

photo by Hannah Anderson 

photo by Elv's

photo by J. Levau 

What do you think Christmas will bring this year? 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tuesday Tips - Blog Awards

I'm pleased to say that I have been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award (category - BEST DESIGN INSPIRATION BLOG). If you have a moment please vote for me, but that isn't actually my Tuesday tip.. ;)

The Amara Interior Blog Awards is a great place to discover new blogs! (this is my tip!) There are 12 categories to discover and lots of fab blogs. Me and my blog feel very small in the company of some really big blogs, but it's of course extremely nice to have been nominated, so thank you for that! 

I already knew of quite a few of the blogs nominated, but it's been great discovering a lot of blogs I didn't know too. So go explore and don't forget to vote. #IBA14


Friday, 19 September 2014

New site - homify

I was introduced to homify a few days ago and have since tested it. If you need to hire a professional decorator or find interior inspiration this is a great site. homify is both for personal and professional use. It's available in 15 countries (Germany, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Portugal  and recently launched : Brasil, Mexico,India, Korea,Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey)

homify is a collaborative platform made up by professionals from many different fields including: architecture, interior design, interior decoration and construction. Here, you can find the right professional for your next project. 

Professionals can register for free, create profile and present their work by uploading images of projects and products. This is a great way for professionals to showcase their work, but also for personal users as they can review their work before hiring. It's also fantastic for shop owners as you can add your products and web-site for free! 

You can create ideabooks and add your projects. I've set up my own profile. I have already added a couple of my projects and created some ideabooks. No matter what you are searching for, if it's bedroom design ideas or a minimalist living room you can find it all on homify.  

This is what I would love to do one day - to put an extension onto a garden apartment. It really can look amazing! This could even be where I'll find my builder. One day! This extension was created by PVA Developments, London. 

apartment garden extension homify

apartment garden extension homify

apartment garden extension homify

apartment garden extension homify

apartment garden extension homify

Have fun disovering homify and Happy Friday!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A bit of attitude!

I'm seeing more attitude in interiors just now and liking it! It's different and quite refreshing as there's a lot of the same out there. It doesn't take much to make your home unique. In this living room these mannequin legs make the space look a bit strange and fills the room with attitude.  

By placing the Verner Panton S chairs this close together it almost looks like a sofa.

photos by Fantastic Frank

Short, but sweet today or actually not so sweet, more like tough! 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tuesday Tips - DIY Towel holder

I love discovering new DIYs, so when I saw this cool project I had to share. This Tuesday Tips is a DIY towel holder made with an old leather belt and two wooden sticks. You can get the sticks from your DIY store (or alternatively you could use a curtain rail or copper pipe). If you don't have a leather belt you can easily get one from a second hand shop or pick up a faux one from a cheap high street store. It doesn't have to be black you could make one in bright yellow if you wanted. 

I think it would look nice in the kitchen too for your kitchen towels. You could even make this for newspapers and magazines.. You can of course choose the length of the leather straps and the sticks to adapt it to your home. Make it exactly the way you want it!

DIY and photos all by Ohoh blog

Check out Ohoh blog for lots of other DIYs too. 

Have you made something similar? Show us below in the comment field. 


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