I’ve recently taken on a small studio and have been looking for a desk. I need a desk that can be flexible, as the studio is quite small. If I need the space for something else I need to be able to move the desk without too much hassle.

By flexible I also mean a desk that can serve not only one purpose, but several. I might need a dining table or a console table for styling and with trestle table legs I can achieve all of that.

The best alternative I’ve found is the LERBERG trestle table legs from IKEA. It’s also an affordable option. Here are Lerberg trestle table legs 3 ways.

Livet hemma Lerberg trestle table legs

photo by Anna Malmberg / stylist Anna Mårselius on Livet Hemma

Trestle table legs Lerberg dining table

photo by Marcus Lawett styling/Tina Hellberg for Fastighetsbyrån

trestle table legs console table Helt Enkelt

photo by Helt Enkelt

Here’s another post about flexible studio solutions.

I can’t wait until my new chair arrives…!

I’ll show you photos soon. x

We’ve seen a lot of all white apartments lately, but there are more colours being introduced now. This grey tone apartment still looks nice and bright as it has large windows. It’s nice to see different grey tones throughout.

Grey tone apartment

Grey tone apartment

The black and white prints here are quite different and refreshing, as they’re not the same prints you see everywhere.

Although there are designer items, there’s also a bit of a vintage feel to this home. I love the white Candelabra by Muuto

Grey tone apartment

At a glance, the kitchen looks really small, but what you can’t see is that it’s open and there’s a dining table and a fridge freezer on the other side. I wonder if somebody knocked a wall down. If they did, it was a really good idea.

Grey tone apartment

Grey tone apartment

This blue tone bedroom looks so inviting. The colour is called St Pauls blue. Love the Kuu lamp from Hem, not to mention the green plants and the Arne Jacobsen series 7 chair. As the room only has one blue wall and the rest white, including the white linen sheets, the room still feels nice and bright.

Bright bedroom with green plants Grey tone apartment

Bright bedroom with green plants Grey tone apartment

It’s always nice to have a workplace even if your apartment isn’t a large one. I like the use of space in the hall. Yet another grey tone, but a darker one this time.

workspace in the hall

workspace in the hall

all photos by Alvhem

Would you paint your walls in a grey tone?

Happy Friday!! x

Alternative picture wall Fantastic Frank

photo by Fantastic Frank

This is such a nice way of creating a picture wall. It’s hassle free and very quick to do. I like the idea of using the shelf.

As the frames are all the same it’s very quick to change without even having to re-arrange anything.

With frames as small as these you could buy prints, print photos or put up pages from magazines.

I’ve yet to create a picture wall in our apartment, but think this could be a good option. In addition I already have a large shelf over the sofa. All it would take is a couple of nails in the wall and I would have a picture wall. It sounds easy enough. I do need is some frames though as I don’t have that many frames in the same size. Ikea and Paperchase have got a good selection, so there might be a trip to the shops involved..

For other picture wall ideas click here to see my Picture wall board on Pinterest

As I am from Norway, I kind of grew up with Ikea and H&M. I know they’re both Swedish, but they expanded to Scandinavian countries first and have been there since the 60s. I actually looked it up and H&M was founded in 1947! It used to be called Hennes which means HERS, but enough H&M facts!

My midweek crush is quite a small item. It’s a ceramic box from the H&M Home range. It’s so affordable and very pretty. In the UK I’ve only seen it in white, but Desiree from Vosges Paris has got her hands on a nice black one. I’ve also spotted it in silver..

Here are my bathroom favourites. Ceramic box and towel from H&M and products from & Other Stories.

Midweek crush - ceramic box H&M home


Black on black..

black on black Midweek crush ceramic box

photo by Vosges Paris

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Mother's Day gift ideas from Etsy

1. Things Like Diamonds 2.  Jérémy Barniaud 3. Lauren Conrad 4. A Merry Mishap 5. Typewritten 6. Bruno Ripoche

Being a Mother is a great gift in itself, but that one day of the year, it’s nice to be appreciated and spoiled.

Who wouldn’t want jewellery as a Mother’s Day gift? Mother’s Day is right around the corner (15th March in the UK). If you are looking for a truly unique gift, I think Etsy is the best place to find it.

Don’t forget, we all want breakfast in bed too.. and nice flowers..