photo by Fantastic Frank

I’m really loving chairs instead of sofas these days. Instead of having two sofas, why not be a bit different and only have one. It makes a room more flexible and easy to change. We’ve got a chaise end sofa and it’s normally fine, but when people come round it’s a bit awkward. Where do you sit? I would much prefer a smaller sofa and a couple of nice chairs.

I also like the unusual vase with fresh flowers on the floor, in the middle of the room. So refreshing to see something a bit different. And for the two gold floor lamps – Yes please! I’ve never thought about buying two of the same floor lamp before, but I think it looks great here.

Have a nice weekend! x

I will admit that I do pin a lot. Every so often I come across a photo of a living room that gets hundreds of re pins. This is one of them.  With almost 800 re pins and over 100 likes in less than 24 hours(!) I present this living room.


Why do you think people like this room so much? Is it the Butterfly chair or the skull collection? It’s hard to say, but I think the room is well balanced. It’s looks comfortable and the colours go really well together.  It is a very neutral room with lots of natural light.

I think the best way of adding colours to a room is with accessories – here a green throw and some nice, fresh flowers.  x

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It’s been so dark lately it’s been almost impossible to take photos in our flat. This is why this project has been slightly delayed and also cancelled. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the colour Teal and the the fact that I wanted to paint a wall in our living room.  This weeks Tuesday Tips – Plywood Paint Tester makes sense as you don’t have to re-paint the wall if you cange your mind (like I did!). I’ve decided that our flat is too dark for the colour I had chosen and that if I am to re-paint the wall it has to be a much lighter colour.

With a sheet of plywood you’re able to move the board around and try it on different walls, if you haven’t decided which wall to paint. It’s really quick and easy to re-paint the sheet and you only need a testerpot or two. I’m really glad I opted for this solution. x

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white paper star


This minimalist pine tree branch decoration is as simple as it gets, but I think it looks beautiful. The nice shade of green looks nice and fresh on the window sill. You can cut a branch off your Christmas tree or you can go out for a nice walk and find a branch in the woods.  In a bit of water, the branch should last for a good while.

I’m a huge fan of candles in the winter and light them every night.  The “You light up my day” candle is from French Connection. I think it’s about time to find a nice branch to decorate with fairy lights. It gets dark outside around 4 o’clock now,  so it’s time to make it cosy inside. I’m thinking fairy lights, throws and sheepskins. Oh, and scented candles of course!

After another long week, I’m glad it’s the weekend.  I’ve had some fun experiences this week and even spent the whole day yesterday in front of two cameras creating videos (!), but more about that later!

Happy Friday! x