I would love to work here or live here for that matter.  This is the office space for ad agency Muh-Tay-Zik / Hof-Fer located in San Francisco It was designed by Gensler. It looks like a nice place to work. It’s bright, there are lots of nice spaces to meet, the rooms are quite different.  I like the fact that there are all white rooms, all black rooms and black/white rooms. It makes the space look interesting and creative. As the company is an ad agency I’m sure the focus was on creating a creative office space.

The polished concrete floor is still a favourite. I keep talking about large windows and high ceilings and I guess these would do. Wonder what the ceiling height is here? It’s great to see an old industrial building being brought back to life. There are too many of them sat empty.

muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-2-700x974 muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-3-700x1004 muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-4-700x1067 muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-5-700x1042 muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-7-700x1073 muh-tay-zik-hof-fer-office-design-8-700x900

all photos by Gensler

Happy New week!

By the time this is published we’ll be in Portugal.. ! x



I like magazines. I came across this on line magazine this morning and although it’s not in English, I thought I would share it. The photos are beautiful. Priv. magazine is a beautiful magazine. It’s Poland’s first bi-weekly interiors and design magazine. I hope you will go discover it. You can read it here.

Priv. magazine

 You can find the two first issues here #1 and #2.

I’m kind of obsessed with the colours in this magazine. You can see that from my Instagram. I’m sure my colour obsession won’t change as we jet off to colourful Portugal on Monday.

I think Gudy has summed up the colours I like in her beautiful post about Earth Colour Trend for 2015/2016. You have to go read it! It’s truly beautiful.

Happy Friday! x

I have to admit that I don’t often post flowery curtains, but there’s something about this photo that made me really like them. I think it’s the combination of the mustard colour with the turquoise vintage trolley. The curtains look really sweet and homely. I also love the copper pipe curtain rail. It’s a very nice idea.

You can see the entire home on Airbnb as this is a studio to rent in London. See the listing here.

flowery mustard curtains

photo found on Airbnb

I wouldn’t mind that hanging rack. It’s very different. I wonder if it’s home made?

I discovered Crosby Studios on inspiring blog My unfinished home. As it’s Monday I though we would start with an office. It doesn’t have traditional office design, it’s very unusual. The office has got a raw feel with exposed bricks and concrete, yet it’s also feminine with the pink floors. The designer furniture really looks like it belongs here. I’m sure there are some interesting books on those shelves too.

_BM_2846 _BM_2695+copy _BM_2802

crosby studios pink office space _BM_2681

Crosby Studios officeall photos by Crosby Studios

Have a great new week!

I came across The Prop Dispensary the other day and love it! It’s such a great concept. You can hire a wide variety of props old and new to use for styling and small events. Just now both new and vintage ceramics are very trendy, so I wanted to share these beautiful styled images with you. I’ve noticed that ceramic tableware is included in most company catalogues for the autumn/winter season. Gold, copper, wood and black cutlery are also becoming increasingly popular, but to be honest so is mixed vintage silver cutlery. Another blog favourite just now – washed linen. It gives both texture and life to pictures. We’re also seeing a lot of marble cutting boards just now and bamboo trays and baskets are also on the way in.

At The Prop Dispensary you can hire props for styling, but also surfaces. If you have a look at the photos below you can see how much a beautiful surface does to a photo. I sometimes wish I was back in France again when these things were so easily available.

I wrote a post about Mandarin Stone a few weeks ago (you can read it here). They sell beautiful natural stone tiles that would make a great surface in a styled photo. You can also make your own surfaces with a bit of plywood and some paint. It would look nice if you used different shades of paint and sanded it down to get that vintage look. 

The Prop Dispensary plates and gold cutlery

PropD-Kristy10559 PropD-Kristy10580 PropD-Kristy10597


all images by The Prop Dispensary

I’ll be hunting for ceramics and odd pieces this weekend. Have a good one! x