Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The routines return..

We're back in Scotland and this morning it was back to school for Magnus. For me it's 100% back in the blog world and getting on with all those projects I've got in my head. It's been really good being away for a bit. I found it both refreshing and inspiring. I've met some wonderful people and been able to catch up with my family. We hadn't been to Norway for 3 years, so it was about time. 

Here's a coffee shop we visited in Stavern, Norway. It's called The Yellow Gallery (Det Gule Galleriet). There's vintage furniture, lots of art and colours, courses and concerts too. Every time I've been there it's always been really busy. I like the fact that different areas of the coffee shop has completely different furniture and quite often it's vintage. It creates such a nice homey atmosphere. The coffee is nice too. 

Love that wallpaper!

Hope you've had a nice Easter.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday Tips - Subtle Details

I love these Easter photos from Frk Elton. Easter definitely doesn't have to take over our living rooms. It's much nicer with a couple of decorations than decorations everywhere. It's all in the details after all. I think this should go for all celebrations.

If you don't know Frk Elton her blog is very inspiring and there are lots of DIYs. Enjoy!

Here's what it looked like before Easter.

I first noticed Frk Elton's blog quite a while back when she was showing this photo of her outside space. Love it!

all photos by Frk Elton

If you missed any Tuesday posts they are all here

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Black and white studio by KASIA ORWAT

This studio apartment (46m²) is designed by talented Kasa Orwat home design in Poland. The black and white zones work really well. The living area is nice and light and has got lots of interesting details. I'm impressed they've managed to make the space feel as spacious as they have. There are specific zones for the living room, workspace and kitchen/diner. For a studio apartment the kitchen is surprisingly large. As most things in this studio are black and white, the wooden legs on the dining table and the light grey kitchen units softens the look. I love the milk bottles and the black SMEG fridge. I'm also a lamp addict, so this apartment really speaks to me. The Victor Vetterlein Trash Me lamp is my favourite here. 

With permission from Kasia Orwat photos by Weronika Trojanowska

Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend!!
We're off to the airport. 
I'll show your more photos from Norway and Sweden very soon. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Herbret Antik

Last week we spent a couple of days in Sweden near Bengtsfors (Dals Långed to be excact). I visited vintage shop Herbret Antik and loved every minute of it. A shop with my colours and so many special finds. 

Owner Therése decorated the white Easter eggs in the window display herself.

all photos by me

Fancy a visit to do some treasure hunting?

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Breakfast with Mille Moi

I'm really enjoying my time here in Norway. I had a bit of an unplanned blog break because we've been catching up with my family. 

A while back I was sent these lovely blue and cream cups, bowls and plates by Mille Moi called "Hverdagslykke". The star bowls are my favourites and I really like the way the blue colour jumps out at you. 

There's a styling competition between some Norwegian bloggers. I do of course like a challenge, so I've styled breakfast at my parents home. I have to say it was fun styling with somebody elses stuff. I found so many nice things to include in my photos. The stool in the hall belonged to my Grandad and it's from the 1940s. I even found a copper coffee pot hidden away in the basement. Not to mention this magical light. 

Breakfast is served! 

all photos by me

Coffee anybody?!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday Tips - Window Room Divider

I've seen lots of different room dividers, but one of the nicest solutions I've seen I noticed in a shop in Sweden (I'll show you more of this beautiful shop later in the week). 

A vintage window has been suspended from the ceiling with metal wires to act as a room divider. It breaks up the room, but you still get all the light and you can still see everything. It would work really well in a living room between the sofa and the dining table. The window would seperate the two areas without it feeling too enclosed. 

photos by me

If you've missed any of my (many) Tuesday Tips you can of course still read them here.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Off to Norway

Magnus and I are travelling to Norway today, so I'll be blogging from there. :) Thanks so much for the comments on my plywood shelf!! I'm hoping we'll manage a trip to Sweden too. I'm sure there will be lots of cool things to show you.. 

Zara mini lookbook photo by James Stokes

Right, let's get those bags packed!
Speak soon! 
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