Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Pinbassador - my event in Glasgow

I'm excited to say I've been chosen to be a Pinterest Ambassador (in fact I'm the very first one!). If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed that I pin a lot and I'm a passionate Pinterest user.

Pinterest are calling us Pinbassadors. My first event will be held in Glasgow on the 20th August. If you would like to come please send me a message and I'll add you to the list. We'll talk about Pinterest and how we can use the platform. There will be an interior design related workshop too. Pinterest UK will also be present on the day. 

The venue for the night is amazing, award wining South Block. I can't wait! I'm in the middle of organising everything with Pinterest and some very cool interior design related sponsors, as there will be goodie bags for all of the participants. I will of course document the night with lots of photos and a follow up blog post or two. You'll be able to read more about it on the Pinterest blog too. 

The other exciting news is that I'll be featured in The Times this Friday in the Bricks & Mortar Supplement. There's plenty of things happening here, this is not even all, but I'll tell you more later.. 


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tuesday Tips - DIY VASE

So this Tuesday Tip is a very simple DIY vase. This used to be a glass jar filled with black olives. Instead of taking the glass jar to the bottle bank, I removed the label and decided to do something with it. Not sure if you call this recycling or upcycling or both! 

What you need:
A recycled glass jar
A napkin (or a piece of fabric)

I folded the napkin slightly to make it the right size for my jar. 

Then add some string to keep the napkin in place. 


I think it would look great on a large party table with lots of jars in different sizes. 
Can you picture it?!

I've got some exciting news to share with you tomorrow.. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Outside at Mrs Hardy's

Lately I've been dreaming of some outside space. I'm finding it a bit difficult living in an apartment with no outside space. It was fine in the winter, but this summer I've missed some outside space. Especially with a 7 year old, who wants to play fotball all the time.. ! It was so different in France where he could go outside and play whenever he wanted. I've not been blogging much as I've chosen to spend time with Magnus and also we've been at the park a lot! 

I think a covered terrace would be ideal here as it of course rains a lot in Scotland. On the inspiring blog Mrs Hardy I've found a very pretty outside space. Manuela is a DIYer, but also an architect. She comes up with lots of great ideas. She made the dining table herself. I think her covered dining area is just perfect! It's ready for a great evening with friends. 

Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to hang up artwork outside? 

Not only is the dining space beautiful, the entire space is just perfect. I love the raised flower box, also made by Manuela. It acts as a separation and defines the area, but also as a backrest to the bench/sofa. It looks really comfortable with all those lovely cushions. 

all photos by Manuela Hardy

I guess I should stop dreaming. It's back to work for me! 
Hope you're enjoying the summer!! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tuesday Tips - DIY clothing rail

This Tuesday Tip is a DIY that doesn't require a lot of time. To make this clothing rail all you need is a coffee table leg and some screwsNot only is this DIY quick, it's inexpensive too. 

This is a great way of displaying a few nice things in your bedroom. I think it could work in a hallway too. It would also look great in a clothes or furniture shop. How would I use this clothing rail in a furniture shop? I would display blankets on the coat hangers.

If you don't have copper coat hangers you can easily spray paint some standard ones with some copper spray paint. It's not more complicated than that. 

photos and DIY by Love Aesthetics

Next weeks tip is also a quick and inexpensive. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

My Attic Bedroom

I keep saying how important it is to be personal in decor, so when I saw this bedroom by My Attic I had to show you. Marij has brought together some little treasures from her travels. It's so different. I'm loving all these patterns! Very graphic. 

photos by My Attic

Doesn't it look great?

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Faye Toogood's Home

The photos might not be new, but they were new to me and might be to you too. This home is unique and out of this world. Designer Faye Toogood has, in my eyes, created a perfect home. It's all perfect. It needs no more words. Today I'm leaving you with these beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

photos by Henry Bourne found on T Magazine

Have a lovely day! 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Tramuntana Hotel

Første gang jeg oppdaget dette bildet og måtte se mer. Jeg elsker tilbake til fram lerreter og har skrevet om dem før ( her og her ). Costal inspirasjon ved siden av de hvite vegger og hvite møbler virkelig stikker seg ut og gir fra seg en fin avslappet ferie følelse. Rommet ville ikke helt har den samme følelsen uten de blå tonene. De tre avføring er også et must i disse dager, ofte brukt som sidebord som her. 

Dette fantastiske hotellet, som ligger i nord i Spania kalles Tramuntana Hotel. The hotel was designed by INTSIGHTJeg elsker disse kyst farger. De lamper bambus anheng fra Bloomingville ser flott ut og skaper en fab statement for dette rommet. Jeg liker også de lyseblå stoler. 

Denne bokhyllen ser veldig lik den jeg lagde for en stund tilbake. Kanskje jeg burde tenke på å male mine .. 

Ikke flaskene med olivenolje ser flott ut? Hva en flott måte å legge farge!

Soverommene er minimalistisk og smakfullt innredet. Jeg liker de blå dip farget puter og det faktum at de har holdt den hvite og blå som en "rød tråd" gjennom hotellet. 

bilder av Tramuntana Hotel

Jeg tror bor her ville være rolig og avslappende. 
Ja, det er ferie tid, men vi kommer ikke til Spania .. Vi er off til Norge!

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