Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mini cactus

Welcome my new mini cactus! It's very cute. The grey mini Pantone flowerpot fits nicely. I found it at a beautiful flower shop at the West End, Glasgow. We also visited a farmers market. I'm really enjoying the weekends here. As we both work from home it's good to get out at weekends. There are so many nice places to visit in Glasgow and most of them are free, which is quite amazing. Another thing I'm really enoying is the Glasgow architecture. The building are fantastic and I can't get enough!

Today we visited a vintage market at the Briggait. The building is from 1873 and used to be an old fish market. After being closed for a number of years it was redeveloped and reopened in 2010. It's now got 45 artists' studios, meeting rooms, offices and a cafe. 

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing Sunday. 

Friday, 12 September 2014

I need a black chair or maybe six

Seriously how many black chairs have I seen lately! I paid £12 for 6 second hand chairs a few weeks after we moved to Scotland. I know, I'm a girl who can find a bargain! My husband had to drive for half an hour there and back to get them, but still.. a bargain! They are stackable and very nice, but how much do I want black chairs just now?! A lot! Here's why. 

photo by Kira Brandt

photo by Thomas Loof & Aubrie Pick

photo by Line Klein

photo by Ana Kern

What do you think - BLACK chairs?!

Happy Weekend!! 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September issue of 91 Magazine

I'm really excited to see my first magazine article in the September issue of 91 Magazine. Not just that, but my photo is also on the cover page! The article is about Inger Lill's home and her blog Kaspara's Regnbue. I visited Inger Lill back in April, when I was in Norway for a few days. She had prepared a beautiful lunch and it was great to get to know her better. She had lots of stories to tell me about her life and about her home, that dates back to the 1930s. 

Inger Lill's love for colour is obvious, but she's made her home unique with all her vintage finds and that's what makes it so special. Want to read more?! Buy it online here

This postcard tapet to a vintage mirror really summes up her home. There's something to look at everywhere, yet it doesn't feel cluttered. 

I would love to do more of this. Really enjoyed it.
Thank you, Inger Lill and Caroline. 

Have a fab day!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday Tips - Trend Rhythmic Palms

Now, you might be slightly shocked, but I actually really like this. If you read Gudy Herder's Blog Eclectic Trends you will have noticed that trends are moving towards nature, in fact into the wild!. The trend I'll be exploring today it called Rhytmic Palms. 

"This theme is about new beginnings and escapism. Oversized and exaggerated patterns and rich colors convey a jungle feel, a call to the nature and getting lost."

Stylist: Photographer: 

Palm jungle wallpaper in Black and Green

If you're not sure about wallpapering an entire wall, you could do a part of it, a feature wall like a chimney breast or alternatively wallpaper a large sheet of plywood (yes, I know, I'm talking about sheets of plywood again, but they're so handy!).

Silvers on Black palm jungle wallpaper. 

photos by Cole & Son

photo Simon Upton

I've gathered lots of Rhythmic Palms inspiration on Pinterest for you, both fashion and interiors. 

My kind of people... Studio Adigoorich

I would love to hear what you think of this trend! 
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Monday, 8 September 2014

Fantastically Swedish

Really glad to be back at work this morning after a week of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I thought we'd start with a light and bright Swedish home. It's never a bad idea, is it? There's plenty of inspiration to pick up from this apartment for sale with Fantastic Frank. Except for the fact that this apartment is mostly white and black and has lots of light, there are lots of things I like about it. 

I change things a lot around our flat, so I think it's a great idea not to hang eveything up on walls. The artwork on the teak unit in this living room would probably move around a lot here. 

These shelves might not be String shelves, but they work really well as they have been nicely styled and they have been put up with the exact same spacing. With a few brackets and ready cut shelves you could change a wall in a few minutes. 

If you have a look under the screen you can see some nice black magazines. I just got a flash back to the hospital where I used to work in the Human Resource Department.. Our monitors where help up with packets of copy paper. It didn't exactly look good. 

Lots of nice bathroom details here. I'm a huge fan of artwork in the bathroom and definitely green plants. It just makes it look so nice and fresh. 

All photos by Fantastic Frank

Have fab new week!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Affordable sheepskin rug

You know sometimes when you have lots of plans for the week, but end up getting nothing done because you have a stupid cold... Yes, well that's what happened to me this week. I've had a sinus infection for two weeks, but it got worse and I've been in bed since Tuesday! It feels like ages. I thought I would be able to heal myself, but no. It's, (thankfully), been a while since I've felt this bad. I'm taking the weekend to get better. I'm hoping to get back to work next week and also hoping that the penicillin will work qickly. If you were wondering why I wasn't posting or replying to messages this is why everything has been put on hold, so it's just a really quick hello from me today. 

Here's my new and very affordable 100% natural sheepskin rug from B&Q. The wool sheepskin is lovely and soft, so guess where I'll be sitting when I finally get out of my bed. I'm sure it'll keep me nice and warm. The cable photo is from Pasinga and the Harry Bertoia diamond wire chair needs no introduction, as it's as cool as ever and I see it everywhere. I love the shape of it. 

Happy Weekend! 
We're having a quiet one.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tuesday Tips - Trend Alert Grids

Have you noticed a few grids lately?! The grid trend is here and it seems to be everywhere in both fashion and interior. You can call it grids, plaid, check or squares.

I made this DIY this morning. I used a sheet of plywood, painted it white, then measured out my squares and with a black marker pen. I used a larger sheet of plywood as a ruler and managed to get straight lines and created a grid. It was actually a lot easier than I had thought. Now thinking I should have used a larger piece of plywood and made it into a headboard. Maybe next time.. 

"grid trend black and white interiors"

So where else have I spotted grids..

"grid trend black and white interiors"
photo by A Merry Mishap

"grid trend black and white interiors"
photo by Elv's

"grid trend black and white interiors"
photo by Hotel SP34

photo by Ferm Living

"grid trend black and white interiors"

"grid trend black and white interiors"
photo by Ferm Living

"grid trend black and white fashion"
photo by Charlotte Wales

I've also seen grid sheets, grid trousers, grid blouse, grid kitchen tilesgrid dress and of course grid paper

Do you like this trend? 


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