Monday, 19 December 2011


So excited this morning when I discovered that my Christmas photos were on a French site! :) I went to the blog Cherry Blossom one of my favorites and there it was.. I saw my photo from a site she had been on, but didn't recognize the name..  the blog is called amorelou2 
I then realized that she had found them via the style files..  based in The Netherlands. 
It's also on this Spanish blog with lots of comments! :) hihi! Big smile! 

You might be used to this kind of stuff, but for me this is a first and it's HUGE!!! So happy! People like my stuff!!!!! hx 


  1. Du er en artist, en kreatør, og jeg elsker bildene dine. Og interiøret ditt. Forstår godt at du er fanget opp av andre. Du vet at du ble plukket ut hos NIB, håper jeg?

    Klem fra Unn :)

  2. Så kult! Tar del i din iver og glede! Men forstår godt at de viser bildene dine - de er jo bare knallbra!!!

  3. you sound like a happy person.. Style files is a mojor Dutch blog and I think I have seen the picture you sent me on her blog in the same post as one I used on my blog ;)

    I will add you to my list of new blogs
    cheers and thanks for mailing ;)

  4. Så spennende og gøy.....:)
    ha en fin tirsdag....


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