Thursday, 1 March 2012

DIY and upcycling

I'm making a little summary of the DIY and upcycling projects I have done so far...  This is so that new readers can have a look at what I enjoy doing and hopefully become inspired to make something yourselves! So here we go... Some things are linked to the project I wrote about.

A quick decoration with a tin can, some washi tape and a magnet.. 

Storage made from tin cans and washi tape

 Make your own chalkboard paint in the colour of your choice.

 DIY tin can and glass centerpiece.

Shelf wallpapered on the underside.. 

DIY frame art..

DIY Christmas decoration in an old frame. 

Bed headboard upcyling..

I had a dining table cut in half and made into two console tables..

I hope you'll like some of my projects - there are loads more to come.. Thank you so much for reading! hx

Vos commentaires en français sont également les bienvenus! :)


  1. j'adore!!surtout le washi tape!!
    as tu reçu mon mail avec ma réponse à ta question?
    belle journée

  2. Så mye fint, og så mange gode tips!
    Hvor er de bokstavstemplene fra de blikkboksene
    nesten helt i toppen fra? Hvis det er stempler da..
    Liker fonten : )

    FIN torsdag til deg!


  3. Masse goe ideer her,og fin styling...
    ha en flotters dag.....

  4. Helt fantastisk!
    Den juledekorasjonen er bare nydelig!
    Digger ideen om å dele bordet i to. Skal ha det i tankene nå som loppemarkedene begynner snart ;)

  5. je viens de découvrir ton sublime !!! bravo et tu es dans ma liste maintenant...à bientot

  6. Loving your website - I am supposed to be working but just came across it and have to tear myself away - it is a little addictive! Do you ever guest blog? If so we'd adore to have some words of wisdom on your French style for our web magazine best wishes, Janine

    1. Hi Janine,
      thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! I would love to guest blog! It would be my pleasure! Love your site! Thanks for introducing me to it. Did you see the article in Living France?
      Let me know what you had in mind for the guest post. Speak soon. Kind regards Hege


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