Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dreamy whites..

I've got something really exciting to show you today.. This is the home of Maria in California. Her site is called Dreamy Whites and is definitely worth a visit. It's very inspirational. You really couldn't have chosen a better name for her blog. It is very very dreamy...

Without even knowing it I had already posted Maria's turquoise cupboard. Here it is I did of course recognize it straight away and why wouldn't you it's amazing! 

If only I could fine a cupboard like this one and replace mine... One day I'll find one..

This is Maria's gorgeous bedroom... wow! 

And here some other gorgeous photos from her house... nice isn't it?!

Thank you so much Maria for letting me use the photos and for your sweet message.

Thank you to all of you that sent me so many kind words yesterday! I really appreciate it and it inspires me a lot. Today my blog is 3 months old!! :) Have a great day! hx


  1. Så utrolig nydelig...
    Elsker det øverste skapet!
    Bilder til å drømme seg bort i dette ;)
    Klem May Helen

  2. Vakkert hjem hun har - og nydelige bilder!

    Ønsker deg en herlig torsdag. Snart helg:)
    Klem Tonje

  3. Å herligheeet.. For et fantastisk speil!! Og utrolig fint hjem!
    Takk for finfin inspirasjon! :)

  4. Følgerbloggen til Maria,og du må vite wow' ene kommer på rekke og rad.Rett og slett vakkert har hun det.Sikler på skapet selv,men vi må nok lage det selv aner jeg....og det går jo an:)))

  5. For et sjelfullt hjem! Det første bildet var bare helt fantastisk!

  6. Hei, WOW her var det vakre dører på rekke og rad - og morsomme tips. Klem Siv

  7. Hi Hege, yes, Maria is a friend of mine! We've both been on the same US TV show and I buy from her store, but thanks for the heads up!



  8. Hello Hege,

    Thank you for your kind post!
    I appreciate it so much!
    Congratulations on your three months of blogging : ) I hope you continue to love it!
    You have a beautiful blog!
    Take Care,

  9. wow, beautiful home. the bedroom is the best of all!!
    nice post from you!
    xx svenja

  10. It's really dreamy! What a lovely home!

  11. So beautiful. The cupboard is just super dreamy and I want it!!! :-)

    Og kommer på nu att jag skriver på engelsk... Så kan det gå.

    Håper du får en riktigt fin helg!


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