Friday, 24 February 2012

Randoms and GIVE AWAY

Some Friday randoms...



source: apartmenttherapy

The old rusty ceiling tiles I ordered for my shop arrived yesterday! Another week and the shop's ready to go! :) It's taken longer than planned because of delays in getting stock and also because my son got the chicken pox, then there was 2 weeks off school because of snow and now 2 weeks of winter holidays... not easy when you're trying to work as well as look after a child, but I'm getting there. :)

There is still time to take part in my first give away if you haven't already done so. The draw will be done on February 28th.

Here are the prices: 

1st price

A beautiful Pin board, frame from Nordal

Size: 31,5x46,5

2nd price

A roll of "concrete" effect wallpaper donated by Your4walls

I recently used this in our walk in wardrobe as you can see here and here

Quality wall decoration for the discerning
Your4walls online store is a provider of Beautiful Wall Coverings, Paint and Wall Art. We aim to provide you with the most up to date designs at competitive prices. Your4walls allows you to buy gorgeous products for your home in one place.

We cherry pick the best Damask WallpaperFloral wallpaperGeometric wallpaperStripe wallpaper,
Brick wallpaper, Faux wallpaper (including wood effect wallpaper and concrete effect wallpaper), paint and wallart so you have don't have to. We can then present you with the best selection of wall decoration products in one go with little fuss! We send wallpaper all over the world, no destination is a problem.
With a clear understanding that all successful businesses are based on premier customer service, your4walls aim to please and our main consideration is 100% customer service and happiness. We welcome any feedback or comments - contact us at'

3rd price

these have been in use and are antique wooden letters that spell the word LOVE


Have a brilliant FRIDAY!! Hx


  1. ouiii!!j'ai hâte de voir ton petit shop!!!^^
    bon week end

  2. Så gøy det blir med shop da, Hege!! Den skal jeg besøke:-) Jeg skal nok få blitt med på give awayen din også! De trykkbokstavene er så kule!! God helg da! KLem

  3. Blir spennende å se den shoppen din:)
    ha en koselig fredag

  4. Så artig med shop!!
    Den gleder jeg med til å se!
    Du har utrolig kul stil!!
    Tusen takk for at du la deg til bloggen min! Gjorde meg hoppende glad!!
    Venter spent på give away resultant, ønsker meg alt sammen!
    Ha er Fortreffelig Fredag!!

  5. Gratulerer! Den store dagen nærmer seg :)
    Jeg er mega fornøyd med min ny kamera veske! Farge er nydelig og kan også brukes som hver dags veske.
    Ha en fint lille lørdag,

  6. Love the images on your blog.


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