Monday, 9 April 2012

Flea market finds...

The flea market we went to today was huge! We ended up walking for 2 1/2 hours! Here are some of the many pretty things we bought. 

Look out for new shop items in the days to come. 
Have a nice evening! We're taking it easy before a full day tomorrow.. ;) 


ps! what does Chicorée mean?! Is it herbes?!


  1. I think it's chicory and I know that they are herbs.
    Very cute finds!

  2. nice founds!!!!! chicoree is a plant and used as a coffee substitute :-) Have a nice evening!

  3. I have no idea, chicoree means endivesalat!! :-S
    Endive in a metallic box? Nooo... ;-)

    Your purchases are great! I like the canisters, wow...

    Greetings, Marjolijn ♥

  4. Herlige - så heldig du var med disse funnene:-)

  5. Hi Hege, yes Elvera is right, Chicorée is something manufactured from herbs to substitute to coffee during last wars... and now it has been delighted by many! I love chicorée ice cream for instance!

  6. Flotte funn!

    Håper dere har hatt en fin påske. Vi har kost oss hjemme og fått masse tid sammen i familien, gått på turer, lekt og lest, ryddet litt ute og slappet mye av :)

    Ønsker deg ei god ny uke
    Klem Tonje

  7. gosh, soooo nice, fiiine!
    alle disse likte jeg!
    god kveld til deg :)

  8. Så heldig du er som kan gå på de herligste markedene i Frankrike:))
    Flotte ting du hadde funnet:))

    Koselig blogg du har - legger meg til som følger her hos deg!!
    Hos meg handler det om bad i dag - er endelig helt ferdig med oppussing av et bad:))
    Ha en fin kveld!!

  9. Så fine ting, nyyydelige farger!! Heldige deg:)

    Klem Monica

  10. chicoree is a plant(not a herb) which grow in the north of france. It's the same family of's have a lot of qualities for health. we use it for example to do a "chti"ramisu, also in bread. I live near the more important society of chicoree in the world in Orchies "chicorée leroux, and it 's smell very good according to the wind

  11. Oh, I love these!! So pretty.
    Lucky you.
    Have a great new week!

  12. Utrolig kule funn! Det var du heldig med ;)

    - L


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