Monday, 30 April 2012

Waiting rooms..

Waiting rooms always depresses me and makes me feel terrible. Wouldn't it be fun if next time you went to the doctor the waiting room looked like this and it had actually been thought about...

via elle

I wonder which seat I would choose...

Welcome to new members! I would love to hear from you.
I haven't been able to look at all your blogs yet as so many people have entered in my give away. 
I'll stop by and say hello as soon as I get a chance!  

Tomorrow we're going to another flea market. Have you got any plans on your day off? Or are you working?


  1. I love bilde number 3! Utrolig kult!


  2. Yes, waiting rooms can be horrible. These are just lovely.

    Have you seen this one ( Look at the 7th image block from the top. Isn't that a wonderful waiting room?! It's in the Morrison Hair Salon in Laguna Beach, designed by Morgan Satterfield. I love it. Ever since I saw it, it has stuck with me ...

    Wishing you a nice and productive day Xx.


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