Friday, 4 May 2012

Elv's give away

I'm a huge fan of Elv's and here's why.. 

Isn't her styling great?! Click here to take part in Elv's give away
You can win a gift card value 75€ to spend in my shop Hege in France!!

It's Friday and we're going to Bordeaux
and I'm even going to have a quick look in IKEA..
Why do men hate IKEA so much?! ;) Think I'll be going on my own..
 Have a nice day! Thank you so much for your messages!


  1. How nice, ny two favorite blogs sharing a give away!! Enjoy Bordeuax and Ikea ;-))


  2. Oh i just found your lovely blog and I'm glad I did!!

  3. Hi. Nice to pop by your blogg. Looks nice in here. Lots of inspiration. Love the blacks& whites! Thanx. Signe Schineller

  4. Oj!! For en fantastisk giveaway!!!
    IKEA skulle hatt en pub for mennene,det
    Mener min mann=) Og det hadde sikkert vært
    Greit for oss kvinner!

    Jeg skriver fra iPhonen,og den bestemmer
    Tydeligvis bruken av store bokstaver...



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