Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Coté maison and spring

Today I will appear in the cotemaison newsletter, on facebook and I am now on the front page!!! Have a look... :) This is HUGE for me! They have put me with LamaisondannaG and Seventeendoors under 3 deco blogs  we love! So pleased to be mentioned with AnnaG and Seventeendoors as I really love reading those blogs. If you don't already know them have a look at the links. 

A photo from this afternoon.. the weather is fantastic 20 degrees and not a cloud in the sky..

Have a great evening! hx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


You know when sometimes you go onto a blog and you just keep scrolling down and you sit there with an open mouth and go wow this is great... well these images are from emmas design blog... and I think they all deserve a wow...

From BBB
Styling: Ida Karbin
Styling: Emelie Wååg

Styling: Joanna Lavén
Styling: Emma Fexeus
Photo: The Selby

Shot by Anna Gustavsson, La Maison d'Anna G
What do you think?! Well done Emma!
Have a great day! hx 
ps! loving the GOLD...


Thank you so much for your messages. We had a great, relaxing, outdoors-day 20 degrees, sunny all day... nice. It was perfect and then we got back to the house, I read my emails and I received the best news for ages! BUT, I'll keep it a secret for a while.. tii hii!

Thank you, Olivia for my brilliant card! Love it! And thank you Craig and Magnus for spending the day with me - I had a great day! Turns out turning 36 is a LOT easier than turning 35.. hx

Winners of give away!

Thank you so much for taking part in my first give away. Thank you also to all of my existing and new followers. The draw was done by Here are the winners

winner of pin board

winner of a roll of concrete wallpaper


winner of letterpress LOVE



The concrete wallpaper was sponsored by by Your4walls and the two other gifts from me. :)

Please email your shipping details.

Some randoms.. white ones this time... and just one turquoise as I was drawn to the sofa... Thank you so much for all the sofa comments yesterday! I loved the first one too.

source decor pad

 source etsy


source cheztitina

Have a brilliant day! 
Today's my Birthday so I'm taking Magnus out for the day.. :) Should be fun!

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