Thursday, 31 May 2012

Franciska Munck-Johansen

I've asked lovely Franciska Munck-Johansen to judge my first challenge. She's a Norwegian interior design photographer and writer. She works with Norwegian and foreign magazines and she's currently writing a Christmas book "Sanselig jul". The book will have with lots of beautiful pictures from a long list of blogs and of course her own photos too. Have a look HERE to read more about it. 

Some of my Christmas photos will be in it! Very excited about that.
My first photos on print!

Have a look at Franciska's blog HERE

Photos by Franciska. 

To take part in my "From Above" challenge click on the link below. 

Have a nice evening!


It's done

Here's the cushion I made with pink details...

Next one.. mmm maybe GOLD.. :)



Reading A perfect Gray this morning I came across this beautiful all COPPER kitchen..

and that sent me hunting for more copper.. look what I found!


Love a dose of nice pics in the morning!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A little peak..

Little sneak peak of one of the many things I've been doing today.. 

 I'm exhausted, so no more pc for me.. 
I'll visit you tomorrow.. 
Have a nice evening!


Recycling love..

This is definately taking recycling to another level.. 
styling by Irina Graewe

I think you'll either love it or hate it.. I love it! Do you?

all photos via Janne Peters

Didn't I say I'd be spending the day outside?!
 I did, but the little girl next door nocked on our door and off they went.. 


Sponsor of challenge

Here are some of the lovely products you can find in the 


Thank you for sponsoring my first challenge. Haven't taken part yet?!

Click HERE to enter!

Welcome to new members and thank you so much for your messages!

Have a lovely day! I'll be spending the day outside in the sun with Magnus. ;)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I promise

No more black and white after this (at least for 1 day.. ). 

Love this place! Nice white tiles, concrete floor, beautiful chairs, 
cool light and great styling. MMMmmm.. Like!
It's by Maliin Stor.

source qreate

And of course I love the rusty tray.. nice details. 

Had to include these as it's so hot outside!

via endlessimmer

Welcome to new members!
Have a nice evening! 


Please enter in my challenge HERE!
Tomorrow I'll let you know who'll be chosing the winners!

A bit more..

 Black & white.. I can't help it.. it's just so nice! 

All images via Lily a beautiful blog go visit!

I'm going to start on my cushion covers now.. :)

Nordic Bliss

The first sponsor of my challange is 


and the price is 2 of these lovely candle votive holders. 

They are perfect for the summer!

Thank you to Nordic Bliss

I'll write more about the shop later
 so you can have a look at some of the beautiful products they sell. 

Have a lovely day!


Monday, 28 May 2012

Washed linen

My love for pure washed linen has been confirmed yet again.. 

via Bemz

Thanks to Cez at Mechant Design!

Have a nice evening! 


Enjoying a lazy, unmade bed - day.. 

photo my own

I found some nice treasures for my shop this morning and I'll show them to you soon.
The rest of the day will be spent outside in the fab weather!


Another sunny day

Thank you so much for all the messages about the challenge.
I hope you'll take part! I'm happy to see 4 lovely photos already!


It's a beautiful day, so I'm going to find a market to go to.
Would love to buy some strawberries..
Have you got any plans?

Tomorrow I'll let you know our first sponsor. :)
Have a lovely day! 


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Challenge From Above

My first challenge to you has the title

 "From above"

 Want to take part?! It's easy. 
All you have to do is be/become a member of my blog and
 put a link to this challenge in your post. 
The photo has to be taken by you at your home.   
Only one photo in your post please.
Your post does NOT have to be in English,
but interior design.

A couple of examples of "from above".

via 5 ft inf

via Miluccia

Show us how you use the title "From above" creatively!

Good luck! I'll let you know the prices soon.
There will be 3 prices.

DEADLINE THE 8th JUNE 8 pm / 20.00

Simply put your post out as normal and add your link here.
When you link you have to put in the POST so for example

I hope lots of you will take part!
Have a lovely weekend! 


Friday, 25 May 2012

New old

My "new" old Moroccan footstool, a new magazine, a cup of tea and 31 degrees!

Happy it's Friday!

Sneak peak

A litte sneak peak of our changed kitchen.. 

Thank you to Lisanne for putting my photo on your inspiratonal wall! 

photo Lisanne

The sun is shining!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Winner photos

My give away was won by Nathalie with the blog Regards et maison. Here's her new office with the chair she chose.. It's simply beautiful! Have a look.. All photos credit Regard et maison

Lovely isn't it?! 
Have a look at Hege in France for
both old and new items.

Coming soon - my first challenge to you!!
You an all take part of course!


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