Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's a glimt of our Valentine's Day. It's not so hearty or pink/red here... That sounded sad.. 
I just meant that we don't like those kind of colours.
Hege in France Valentine's Day
The X or the "Kiss me right here" poster is from One must Dash

There's no Valentine's Day without flowers and chocolates. I found this beautifully decorated heart in a nice chocolate shop. 
Hege in France Valentine's Day

We had both bought a main course and a dessert without telling each other, so we're being very spoiled today with lots of nice food at both lunchtime and later tonight. 

Ops! I've already used the champage bucket for the tulips.. 

Have a brilliant day!



  1. Love the cross poster! Wish you a nice Valentine's day! Enjoy the food ;-)

  2. Me encanta el chocolate y me encantan las flores, así que perfecto post.
    Feliz San Valentín

  3. Heisann Hege! Så fint bilde, likte godt x-posteren din! Gratulerer så masse med galleriplass hos nib, flott bidrag! Klem til deg

  4. Hope that you had a lovely day/night! We don't really celebrate BUT I did manage to slip some chocolates in G's briefcase for him to find at work. M x

  5. Hahahaah, you enjoyed all the food?
    Hope you had a lovely day. Nice weekend Hege!


  6. Love the styling! I am not fond of red neither.


  7. What a great idea! I love it. Simple and lovely.

  8. hope you had a lovely valenitne`s day!
    wish you a nice weekend dear Hege!
    annie xx

  9. Both of you having bought a main course and a dessert without telling each other - that's the nicest Valentine's story I've ever heard!


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