Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday Tips - DIY wall chart

Hello, I’m Katrin from Daily perfect moment, and I’m very happy to be the guestblogger here today to share another DIY with you as a part of Hege's Tuesday Tips.

I love vintage objects, typography and black & white. So why not combine all of them in form of a nice wall decoration which looks like an old school’s roll-up wall chart?

I chose letters, because they are fun and easy to do, but of course you can paint whatever motive comes to mind. Print your motive and glue together for a full size template. You should be able to see the lines shine through the fabric. Trace the lines of your motive with a black pen and colour with acrylic paint. If you want to enhance the vintage look, you can add some tea- or coffee stains.

Take two rods, slightly longer than the width of your fabric, paint them black and tack the fabric to them. Attach a black rope to both ends of the rod for hanging onto the wall. Alternatively, your copy shop will help you with transferring photos to canvas or will print an advertising banner from any picture you want.

All photos by Katrin from Daily perfect moments


  1. Fabulous! Very inspiring-will give it a go with the kids in the Easter holiday-thanks so much Katrin and Hege! :-)

  2. Hi Katrin and Hege! Can you tell me what type of fabric it was that you used in creating the banner? Thanks so much!


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