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TUESDAY TIPS – DIY wrapping paper

This is the last post of my Tuesday Tips column! I’ve enjoyed writing lots of tips and DIY the last year and a half (!), so I’ve decided it’s time for a change. Right, my last tip is – “DIY wrapping paper”! It’s soon Christmas and I’m sure a lot...

Christmas Tricks & Tips

Today’s Tuesday tips comes in form of videos. A few weeks ago I flew down to Southampton to create Christmas videos with B&Q. We used their products to create the videos and there are a few DIY projects for you to hopefully try.

The 5 point star (in the second video) made with bamboo sticks and string only takes a couple of minutes to make.

Thanks to B&Q for giving me this opportunity. I really enjoyed it. Also a huge thanks to the film crew for doing such a good job at both filming and editing.

Hope you like my Christmas Tricks & Tips! I have to say I sound more Scottish (ish) than I thought I did.


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Tuesday Tips – Door Poster DIY

Check out this door poster DIY project idea! I love creativity, so I had to share this as I’ve never seen anything like it. A framed poster attached to a cupboard door. Looks amazing and totally changes the feel of the room. It adds something interesting.  I recentlly discovered 3M adhesive...