Instagram of late

It’s really easy these days to post something on Instagram instead of writing a blog post. I find it really quick and easy to interact with people on Instagram and it’s my favourite social media platform by far. How addictive is Stories too?! Love it!

I’m guilty of posting more on Instagram than I do on the blog, so here are some of my latest snippets from our newly renovated 70s home and some from recent trips. I detect a slightly 70s feel in a lot of my recent images, so I might have been influenced by our new home more than I realised.

I’ll be going on a very exciting trip in two weeks time, so I’ll be sharing a lot on Stories and on Instagram. There will of course be blog posts too, but if you like Copenhagen (!) then come with me on my trip. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, you can do it here.

Have a good weekend. x

instagram of late 70s home with grey muuto outline sofa and ochre velvet cushion hege in france70s style coffee break hege in france instagram of late instagram of late hege in france aesop skincare edinburgh store instagram of late hege in france bostock bakery north berwickinstagram of late before the day starts coffee moment hege in france

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