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Petros from blog Hommie kindly sent me a DIY. I really like it. It’s quite a flexible project as you could mix colours and even sizes of IKEA Lack tables and possibly other brands too. 

Right, let’s get started. You need 2 x Lack tables, a roll of marble contact paper (if you wish to make the dip dye marble effect Petros has created) and you also need scissors. You’ll have one spare table top when you’ve finished and will have to find a creative solution for what to do with that.. Cut in half it could be two simple bedside tables, couldn’t it?! ;)

First, take four of the legs and mark an X with a pencil on the underside (the side that isn’t drilled), from one corner to the opposite. In this way you’ll find the exact centre of the leg. Next, drill with a 4.5mm drill bit where the two lines meet (on the centre of the X). Note that these sides of the legs you drilled are going to be assembled on the table top.

The four remaining legs will be covered with the marble contact paper. Cut the contact paper to be slightly longer than the leg. Slowly and carefully apply the contact paper around the leg, starting from one edge. Press firmly with a ruler as you go to smooth out any air bubbles. Fold the remaining paper on the sides. It’s like wrapping a present!

Assemble each ‘marble’ leg with a white one using the screws of the package. Just connect each side of the screw with the holes on the legs and turn around until the two legs be attached.

Then, assemble the four ‘new’ legs on the table top, according the IKEA instructions that it comes with.
all photos by Hommie

I think this table can be used in many different situations and will keep this idea in mind.
It would be perfect as a key/mail/bag/allkindsofstuff-table in the hall.

Thank you so much Petros for sending me this project!
Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Tuesday tips.


Lately I’ve been dreaming of some outside space. I’m finding it a bit difficult living in an apartment with no outside space. It was fine in the winter, but this summer I’ve missed some outside space. Especially with a 7 year old, who wants to play fotball all the time.. ! It was so different in France where he could go outside and play whenever he wanted. I’ve not been blogging much as I’ve chosen to spend time with Magnus and also we’ve been at the park a lot! 
I think a covered terrace would be ideal here as it of course rains a lot in Scotland. On the inspiring blog Mrs Hardy I’ve found a very pretty outside space. Manuela is a DIYer, but also an architect. She comes up with lots of great ideas. She made the dining table herself. I think her covered dining area is just perfect! It’s ready for a great evening with friends. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to hang up artwork outside? 

Not only is the dining space beautiful, the entire space is just perfect. I love the raised flower box, also made by Manuela. It acts as a separation and defines the area, but also as a backrest to the bench/sofa. It looks really comfortable with all those lovely cushions. 
all photos by Manuela Hardy
I guess I should stop dreaming. It’s back to work for me! 
Hope you’re enjoying the summer!! 

So when it comes to empty frames, yes I have written about them before. It was one of the first things I tried myself when I started blogging. I couldn’t get enough of vintage frames. In France, they are everywhere at Bric-à-bracs. 

Last weeks Tuesday Tip was about duplicating art and this week it’s about displaying empty frames.. I think we need a DIY next week!
I love this display and the fact that the frames have been painted the same colour as the wall. The frames are all different and that makes it more interesting. The rustic string goes really well with the wooden crates and the vintage door headboard (which by the way is just beautiful). Love the peacock feather and the frame in a frame! I think this is a great alternative to displaying art. The frames become art themselves. 
The wall colour also matches the linen sheets and it makes it look like a very peaceful room. To make this room more industrial and not too sweet, Lina has added black as an accent colour.

photos by Lina på landet
If you’ve been creative with empty frames please link to it below, so we can come and have a look! 


I love these Easter photos from Frk Elton. Easter definitely doesn’t have to take over our living rooms. It’s much nicer with a couple of decorations than decorations everywhere. It’s all in the details after all. I think this should go for all celebrations.

If you don’t know Frk Elton her blog is very inspiring and there are lots of DIYs. Enjoy!

Here’s what it looked like before Easter.

I first noticed Frk Elton’s blog quite a while back when she was showing this photo of her outside space. Love it!

all photos by Frk Elton

If you missed any Tuesday posts they are all here

3 great DIY ideas

Click on links under photos for a tutorial. 

Tray clock

Graphic Print 

Block print fabric

Some of these ideas are not new, but I think they are all worth a shot!
I like the way you can make something UNIQUE and you can of course adapt them to the project you’re doing.

Have fun!