On trend – Serif TV by Samsung

French brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed a new television, Serif tv, for Samsung and I think it looks fantastic. It has in fact been described as an unexpected masterpiece. The I shaped Serif tv is like a piece of furniture and it feels a bit more like the way it used to be years ago, except in a much more stylish and slim version of course. Do you remember the days with no remote and about 3 channels?! We used to have one Norwegian and two Swedish channels. Makes me feel old, especially when Magnus starts a scentence with.. “you know in the olden days.. ” normally referring to something when I was young..! So, I’m 40, but wow have things changed since I grew up.

Anyway, back to this amazing new tv, that of course is on my wishlist. One really cool feature is that you can curtain the tv when you don’t want to watch something. You can temporarily hide the image without turning it off, so when the adverts come on you can use a setting called Curtain Mode. It covers what’s on the screen with a translucent grafic effect. How great does that sound?! Back in the olden days.. (!) we didn’t have adverts, but now we have a lot of them, so wouldn’t it be great to use the Curtain Mode once in a while?!

Another thing I really like about this tv is that you can choose if you want to use the legs or not. The Serif tv looks great without legs too as you can see below, but I would definitely choose to have it on legs and for it to be freestanding. I think the legs makes this tv look unique. Another great design feature is the fact that the tv comes in different colours. It’s available in white, dark blue and red and also in different sizes from 21 – 40 inches. The Serif even looks good from behind where it’s got a woven fabric cover. It seems like the Bouroullec brothers have thought of everything. What’s not to like?!

Serif tv photo by Hay

photo by Hay

samsung serif tv by alvhem SFD33B552193A7945D8B01E21F8B23D7D63

photos by Alvhem

samsung serif tv photo by Cate St Hill

photo by Cate St Hill

samsug serif tv

photo by Samsung

What do you think? Legs or no legs?!

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