at{mine} DIY challenge winner

I was invited to co-host on at{mine} this month for the DIY challenge. I shared a tutorial on how to make a cushion from a shirt, you can find it here. I was also asked to choose one of 4 winners for the DIY challenge. It was hard as there were so many entries, but in the end my choice was this DIY shelf by Ebom. I love the simplicity of this, it’s a minimal shelf that doesn’t require that much work. A bit of wood, a drill and leather string and you’re done! I think it’s a great DIY and the styling is beautiful. You can find the full tutorial here. I’m happy to say the tutorial includes a drawing of the knot! So hop over to Ebom for the tutorial and to at{mine} for real homes and interior inspiration! 

diy by Ebom on atmine

ebom diy hanging shelf on atmine leather and wood diy shelf by ebom diy shelf with leather detail

all images by Ebom

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