Beautiful food

Today I’m not bringing you interiors, but food. Beautiful food. From Eva’s vegetarian blog Food Vegetarisch
Check out her lovely blog for more inspiration and recipes. 
If you like food photography there are also some tips of how to take nice food pics on Eva’s blog.

all photos by Eva
I fell in love with the white photos as you can see.. Aren’t they great?!
Thank you so much for your messages yesterday. 
The reason I’m planning Christmas in October is because I’ve got a man with a camera coming next week.. yes, a real photographer. So I need to get my act together. Where to find a Christmas tree in October…?! Think I need to talk to one of the local farmers.
Have a nice day! Oh yes,.. it’s Friday again!

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  1. aloĂżse

    I love discover this blog in the morning. Great way to start a day.

  2. Eva

    Thank you so much Hege, for showing my photos! I am very honored by this 🙂

    And I keep my fingers crossed that you will find a nice Christmas tree in October! I am sure you will manage it!

    Hugs from Eva

  3. Blåbærtua

    SĂĄ nydelige matbilder ho tar,sĂĄ vakre:)
    Ei god helg til deg!
    Klem fra Lillian

  4. Marcela para Colorin Colorado

    Tempura…I'll take the tempura…greasy, hot tempura!!!!!

  5. Unn

    Dette sĂĄ utvilsomt godt ut! Det er
    litt snadder med en kaffe i alle
    utgaver, hehe. God helg til deg!

  6. Annie

    beautiful, simple, light, I love food
    styling and this is great!
    have a nice weekend, and thank you for this
    lovely inspiration
    annie xo

  7. blooms

    Oh la la, je regarde ces photos et j'ai une faim de loup… Vivement ce soir que je rentre dĂ®ner!!!
    Lovely pics!
    Bon week-end jolie Hege.

  8. Kim H

    What gorgeous photos, Hege! Love all the white. Those pears look so pretty all covered in rice. I'm definitely going over to visit Eva's blog – I'm in desperate need of some photo taking tips! Love your look here, Hege. Popping in via BYW x

  9. Duse Pasteller

    God helg!:)

  10. michele

    gorgeous work!

    so inspiring.



    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Like Marcela, I love the tempura.
    Your blog is lovely and very inspiring.

    Michele (BYW)

  12. Suzanne de Jong

    Hi Hege,

    thanks for the reminder for choosing my prize. The email was in my spam folder ended. I've already mailed Yellow Velvet. 'm Very curious! When the pillow arrived, I will of course place a picture on my blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. yasella

    hello from BYWB
    i love this! so minimal, clean and inspiring! :]

  14. Lena

    Hi Hege,
    stopping by from byw (not for the first time, though) Thanks for sharing the pictures and the link – I´ve come across Eva´s blog before but this reminded me to go back and spend some more time there…
    You have a beautiful blog, it is stylish, but still reflects your personality (or what I think your personality is, of course) which is a great combination.

  15. Jasmin

    Hi Hege, actually doing "homework" right now and stumbeled over your blog! I think it's absolutely amazing and wonderful. All the pretty pictures and layouts are adorable. <3 Glad I came along and will go on following 🙂
    This food looks so yummy, think I should grab some dinner, hehe. A bientot from Germany, Jasmin 🙂

  16. Gudy Herder

    Gorgeous pics, the white one are so inspiring, it's all xmas. Love the light she uses, it makes them all very soft.
    Good question where to get a tree from. As usual, I believe the internet is will be the right place where to search for and I have already spotted some in a garden center.

  17. Denise

    I just had dinner, but I got so hungry again just looking at those pictures. I love your blog, it is so inspiring!

  18. Esthell.Jang

    Hi. Hege! I can see one of these yammy food is Korean dish.
    Hope you enjoy the "Jeon" oneday. It's very delicious with soybean sauce !!

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