Black and white work space inspiration

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We’ve had a really good time. It was nice to take it easy for a bit. I still can’t believe it’s the 1st of January 2017! Where did 2016 go?! For me it was the quickest year of my life. I’ve never had as much work on and at times it was really difficult to manage it all. I did a lot more travelling last year than I have done before and I will continue to do that this year. I really enjoyed getting out there and meeting people. It’s quite refreshing instead of being behind the computer or the camera all the time and working on my own.

I worked with numerous amazing brands last year and enjoyed all of  my projects. This year I will of course continue to work with brands and there will be many blog posts about the renovation of our new home. If you missed the before photos, you can see them here. We can’t wait to move in and are aiming to move in February. At the moment we’re working away. We’re painting and planning what to do with the extra space we’ll have. It’s really exciting for us both to have an office each, as we’ve both been working from our small living room. I’m giving up my studio at the end of January and will be working from home. I’ll have a nice space to work from, so it made sense to give up the studio. I think it’s going to be really good and the house is already starting to take shape. There’s still a lot to do though. We’ve still not decided on the layout of our kitchen, but have a few ideas.

Soon I’ll be packing all of this up and adapting my new office/studio space. I think my desk space will stay mostly black and white. It’s what I’m comfortable with and like the most. All of the photos in this posts are from the last two years. My work space is always changing and I find it more inspiring that way. Here’s some black and white work space inspiration.

black and white work space inspiration black and white work space inspiration black and white inspiration sukhirugwork space inspiration black and white workspace inspirationblack and white workspace home office black and white work space inspiration Hege Morris

I have some very big goals for this year. I will keep them secret for now. What are your plans?! I would love to hear.

My next few blog posts will be all about the Design Tour I went on with Function and Form a couple of months ago. I loved every minute of it and had a great time. The only thing I would have changed would be to have more time to explore Antwerp. There was so much to see. I would love to go back soon. You can see more on #visitantwerp and on #wearefunctionandform on Instagram.

Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s make it a brilliant one! Hege x

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