Blog Griottes

is so sweet. I like it a lot. 

What a nice way of displaying your holiday photos.
Nice rustic wood.

photos by Griottes
Today we found some birthday cake candles whilst claring out our cupboards.
Magnus has decided we have to make a cake ( a chocolate cake to be more specific ) and we’re going to have a fake Birthday Party. How cute is that?!
Happy Weekend!!!!

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  1. blooms

    Je l'adore aussi ce blog!!!
    Joyeux anniversaire à Magnus!

    Et un très beau week end à toi ma chère Hege…


  2. Nannette Glorie

    Tomorrow is a national holiday in Belgium apparently, you could 've celebrated that. s far as I'm concerned I'm agreeing with your little Magnus, any reason is a good one for a celebration!!

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