Designer radiators from Best Heating

It’s been a couple of weeks with lots of work going on in our new house. We would of course like to move in as soon as possible, so every spare moment is spent working at the house. We’ve had all of the textured walls and ceilings plastered and we’ve now painted most of them. So far all white. I think we’ll leave them like that, at least for now. We really want to make the house livable. Next on the cards is painting my studio and my husbands new office.

The house is already quite nice and cozy. We’ve had the boiler, plumbing and radiators replaced. It wasn’t something we had planned, but it felt like the right thing to do and I’m really glad we did it.

With help from Best Heating we found the right radiators for each individual room. They were really helpful and I know feel quite confident talking about BTU’s. The Advice Centre and the heat calculator were both very useful. In my ignorant mind I though a radiator was more or less a radiator, but I was very wrong. As our living room is quite large we’ve got two more powerful radiators in that room. You can see one of them below and one here.

You can also see that we’ve removed the carpet. It was a pretty horrible job, but we got it done in an hour or two. The space instantly felt lighter. The floorboards aren’t good enough to sand and treat, so we’ve chosen to go for laminate flooring. I’ll show you more very soon.

designer radiators from Best Heating

It’s a bit of a bonus that a house comes with gorgeous velvet curtains isn’t it?!


I was waiting for deliveries and created a temporary work space for myself. This will be our entrance hall. A couple of trestle table legs and a sheet of plywood is all you need (and a green plant of course!). Can you see the flooring samples?!

temporary workspace by the window

We’ve got different style designer radiators in most of our rooms to fit the purpose of the room. I’ll show you more as we go along, but I’ll try to reveal one room at the time. It’ll take a while of course, but all renovations are like that. I kind of like the fact that it won’t be exactly the way you want it straight away. I think you have to live in a home for a while to figure out what works for you.

We had a bit of a surprise this week. We started removing the wooden panelling in the master bedroom and realised that there was no insulation at all downstairs. The house is an upside down house, so the living space is upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs. It’s so we can enjoy the views. If you missed the before photos you can see them here.

We’ll of course put insulation in, so that was a bit of a blow to the budget and will also set us back a little time wise. We don’t want to be cold though, so we have to do it. There’s a big difference in temperature upstairs and downstairs. Now we know why. With newly insulated walls and gorgeous new designer radiators we should be nice and warm. I’m so glad we discovered this before decorating.

Check out the large selection of designer radiators from Best Heating here. The prices are very reasonable and they have a sale on just now.

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