Bloggers Tour Antwerp – Gallery Valerie Traan

There were many highlights in Antwerp on our bloggers tour with Function and FormGallery Valerie Traan, founded by Veerle Wenes, was one of my favourites. Everything from the enormous front door to the secret space behind it was special. We even got to visit the owners home, which was just incredible. Are you ready for a little tour?


The space was nice and bright and had enormous windows. The green views was really unexpected as the gallery is located in the town. The gallery space was impressive with beautiful old bricks and sharp modern lines. The buildings were uninhabited until Veerle renovated them. The space was designed by Lens°Ass Architecten.


When we visited the gallery, the paper object collection “End of the World for beginners” from Johan De Wit was on display. It’s strange to think that everything had been made from paper. Even the tables below. I love the colour combination in this photo.


We all fell in love with the hanging lamps created by Muller van Severen for Valerie Objects …. and why wouldn’t you. They are just perfect! I would love one for my new living room. gallery valerie traan gallery hanging lampgallery-valerie-traan-magazine

Clients can look at art and objects in the gallery, but sometimes also in Veerle’s home. This of course what makes this gallery unique. I’ve never seen a home like this. I was so pleased that we got to visit.

If you would like to see more (I’m sure you would!) click over to Gallery Valerie Traan and TVDV photography to see more. It’s so worth it. I want to back to see more. In fact, I would love to go back to Antwerp to explore more. Soon!

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