Great shops in Stockbridge, Edinburgh

It was a while since I had been to Stockbridge, so when I visited Edinburgh last, I went off exploring for a couple of hours. I really like the shops and coffee shops in this part of Edinburgh, and managed to find some exciting treats for you.

So first, after my obligatory coffee at Artisan Roast… Love this place!

Artisan Roast coffee shop Stockbridge Edinburgh

I found this amazing shop with a great mixture of lifestyle items and therapy, The Method. When I first saw the shop it felt very much like a Scandinavian shop and I felt like I had to go in. The shop is beautifully kitted out with wooden shelves on each side full of amazing bottles. Everything is quite light, but behind the till there are stunning green tiles. You’ll see what I mean from the photo below. It’s just perfect! I love the patterns and that herringbone floor…! Need I say more?!

You can have treatments by a therapist or shop gorgeous soaps, creams and little home goods like beautiful vases. The variety is vast, so you need a bit of time to take it all in. There are some nice brands too like Meraki for example, but also a few UK based brands that were new to me, Haeckels was one that stuck out. Must try it one day.

I was seriously stuck on the design of the shop though and how about this lamp?! It’s gorgeous and the shop is definitely worth a visit. You can follow The Method on Instagram here.

great shops in Stockbridge Edinburgh The Method

Great shops in Stockbridge The Method

Then, a little further up  the hill, I discovered an AESOP! Yes, and AESOP! I had no idea there was one in Edinburgh, so I was pleasantly surprised. The shop was of course beautiful and I loved this minimal shelf. Want one! Not to mention the wall.. Wow! It’s been hand crafted by a local carpenter and it’s made from Scottish Sycamore. In fact all the shelves in the shop are made from the same tree!

For the Aesop products though.. one of each please! They all smell so divine.

Great shops in Stockbridge Edinburgh AESOP

Great shops in Stockbridge Edinburgh AESOP AESOP stockbridge edinburgh

So not one, but two must visit great shops in Stockbridge and a bonus coffee shop. I would love to book a treatment at The Method one day.. I’m sure it would be very relaxing. The treatment room looks just as stunning as the rest of the place. Check it out here.


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