Handmade linen dresses by Lemuel MC

It’s more linen today, I can’t get enough! I discovered these beautiful handmade linen dresses on Etsy. Lemuel MC is a fashion start-up based in London and I just love the designs (and again the shoot location!).  The dresses have a minimal design and the cute press studs on the back make the design look really different. The cool thing about the dresses is that you can use them as a nice little coat, so you’re not just buying a dress, you’re buying a coat too. Bonus!

handmade linen dresses made by fashion start up in london

Hand made black linen dress see it here.

linen made in London by Lemuel MC handmade linen dresses

Nude linen dress handmade by Lemuel MC

linen made in London on Etsy Blue linen skirt.

fashion start up linen made in london handmade linen dresses

Grey lightweight linen dress find it here.

linen trousers

Linen trousers.

There’s something about washed linen that makes it so nice to both wear and sleep in. I’m not just a fan of linen clothes, but also linen bedlinen. I’ve mentioned that many times before. Check out these gorgeous handmade linen bedlinen here, they look so soft! The colours are beautiful too, I espeically like the soft pink.

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