How to add colour to a white apartment

I’ve written about Loft Kolasiński before (you can read the article here) and as soon as I recieved these photos in my inbox I wanted to share them with you. This project I’m going to show you, was a renovation and reconstruction of a 120 square metre apartment in an historic tenement house from 1907.  The original wooden floors have undergone renovation and to me they look brand new. Shows you what a bit of determination and elbow grease can do.

What I really like here is that everything has been kept white and neutral. The addition of colour looks stricking and goes well with the mid-century furniture.

Here, the addition of rugs and the oversized print gives the place a bit of a colour pop. You could strip it back and add completely different colours. This would change the look of the apartment entirely. It’s exactly what I mean about flexible design. If you get the basics right, then your decor can last longer and you don’t have to replace the furniture, only the accessories. Find more details below about the lighting and furniture. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I write about Loft Kolasiński, I really like their work.

On a different note, have you noticed all the long curtains lately? Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration. I think they look great. I also saw a nice article on Trendenser about hotel curtains. Check it out here. We stayed in a hotel in Faro a couple of years ago. The room had small windows, but because the curtains covered the entire wall it created the impression that there was a big window. Idea to steal..  Now, enjoy the photos by amazing Karolina Bąk.

For the project we have used elements of lighting from the 30’s and 50’s from Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and France. The carpet in the living room was designed in the 60’s by Antonin Kybal. The armchair in the bedroom was designed by Pierre Guariche in the 50’s. The set of wooden furniture from the living room is by Grete Jalka. The set of drawers is a polish project from the late 50’s by Raymond Theophile Hałas. The bed designed by Loft Kolasiński, was made of oak wood finished with an oil. The bedroom is decorated by vintage, french, street poster of the movie “Matador” by Pablo Almodóvar from 1986. – Loft Kolasiński.

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