Iconic Jetson Armchair by DUX

If you saw my last post from the incredible Sculptors Residence in Stockholm, you might have noticed I wrote about the Swedish Brand DUX. I really wanted a photo of the Jetson chair, but as it was so busy, I didn’t quite manage to take one. Instead I’ve decided to use press photos and tell you more about this stunning armchair.

DUX Swedish Design Iconic Chair Jetson

Known for their innovation in sleep technology, DUX was founded in 1926 by chocolatier Efraim Ljung following a stay in the most comfortable bed he’d ever experienced during a trip to Chicago. Leaving with the ambition to recreate this sleeping experience on his return to Sweden, he put confectionery aside to concentrate on designing the spring technology that DUX would become known for today.

During the 50s and 60s, DUX expanded their range to include sofas and chairs, collaborating with the likes of architect and designer Bruno Mathsson, responsible for the Jetson chair featured here.

“The act of sitting comfortably is a skill, although it shouldn’t be. Instead, the manufacture of seating should be carried out with such skill that the act of sitting in them becomes quite simple.”

– Bruno Mathsson.

Designed in 1969, the Jetson has retained its stature as a classic piece of Swedish furniture for its ergonomic bowl shaped seat and high back with head pillow. Perhaps rather unconventionally, Mathsson discovered how best to support the body by sitting in snow drifts to explore the shape and curvature of the spine.

I just adore the shape of it, the buttoned leather and its clever self-return mechanism when you’re moving from lounging to a standing position. It’s carefully considered pieces of furniture like the Jetson that truly defy the trends – a testament to Mathsson’s design that after 50 years it can still command a room today.

DUX Swedish Design Iconic Chair Jetson

DUX Swedish Design Iconic Chair Jetson

All images credit DUX.

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