I’m seeing RED

but not in a bad way. I love this bold use of the colour red.
Simply fabulous! Don’t you think?!
A red home in France.. 


7 Responses

  1. Anneke

    Love this. Today is Red!!!
    Happy sunday! X

  2. Marjory

    It is a beautiful home. It seems uninhabited, though. Plants, flowers, and a few soulful elements that reflect the humans who live there would enrich such a beautiful home. Love the landscape, those stairs and the red! 🙂

  3. valeria fusco

    Meraviglioso contrasto cromatico !

  4. Blåbærtua

    Wow så flott❤elsker det sjakkrutete gulvet:)
    Nyt kvelden!
    Klem fra Lillian

  5. Mor Inger`s hus

    One word: WOW!

    🙂 Inger

  6. gudy herder

    I don't know if I could live there every single day and stay relaxed in such a vibrant environment! It looks like a party location or house for rentals but not a place to live 24/7 to me. The staircase is stunning I have to say!

  7. Sierra@gutterguard

    Nice post. Red and pink are the most refreshing and attractive colors. In the first picture its outside walls color looks faded. But, other pictures looks amazing. I like staircase design and walls which are embedded with stones. It all look likes a restaurant or party place not a daily living space. Its like dream home.

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