Latest favourites in brass and beige tones

I’m not sure if it’s all the colours outside that are making me look for soft neutral colours, but these are my favourite colours and items just now. Mostly brass and beige tones, but also some soft pink colours. I came across this beautiful soft sheepskin seat cover on Etsy and I’m definitely going to order one. They look amazing! Just not sure which colour yet.

soft colours moodboard sheepskin rug like paper lamps blanket by moebe

1. Like paper concrete lamps by Dua from S2 20  2. Scented candle from &OtherStories

3. Sheepskin seat cover from Taftily on Etsy  4. Plaid by Molle

brass swing arm lamp by Photonic Studio Etsy

photo by Photonic Studio Etsy

soft colours moodboard

Happy Friday! x

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  1. Katrin

    Those paper lamps are my absolute favourites!

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