Midweek crush – Ceramic box

As I am from Norway, I kind of grew up with Ikea and H&M. I know they’re both Swedish, but they expanded to Scandinavian countries first and have been there since the 60s. I actually looked it up and H&M was founded in 1947! It used to be called Hennes which means HERS, but enough H&M facts!

My midweek crush is quite a small item. It’s a ceramic box from the H&M Home range. It’s so affordable and very pretty. In the UK I’ve only seen it in white, but Desiree from Vosges Paris has got her hands on a nice black one. I’ve also spotted it in silver..

Here are my bathroom favourites. Ceramic box and towel from H&M and products from & Other Stories.

Midweek crush - ceramic box H&M home


Black on black..

black on black Midweek crush ceramic box

photo by Vosges Paris

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