Neutral colours

We’re still in Spain and the sky is bright blue. As it’s hot in Spain, it’s nice to come back inside to a cool house. The town house my parents are renting was renovated last year. The entire home has light grey floor tiles, white walls and a neutral colours.  At first they only rented the town house for a few months, but now they have a long term contract, so it’s important to make the house feel like their home for the next few years.

They asked me what their home was lacking. It took me a little while, but I realised it was lacking the feel of a home. It felt more like a holiday home. We bought some neutral leather rugs in Malaga and it’s really changed  the space. The downstairs area is all open plan and felt a bit cold. With the leather rugs (a large one for the dining area and a smaller one for the living area) it now has more of a home like feel to it. Next on the list is to hang up some photos on the walls and buy some green plants.

leather rug and cos magazine

nordic living room cast iron teapot

nordic living room cast iron teapot

The bathrooms have light grey tiles and marble shelves. I found the teacup at Søstrene Grene. It’s perfect for toothbrushes too.

grey bathroom black toothbrush

We’ve really enjoyed our stay in Spain and I’ve lost count of all the sandcastles Magnus has built. On Tuesday it’s back to school again. I like the feeling of a good break as I always feel motivated and ready to get back to work again.. x


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  1. bianca

    très joli le tapis, teintes parfaites… dis-moi, tu enseignes? quelle matière ?

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