New spring collection from Hush

It’s slowly starting to feel like spring here and I’m so excited! It’s my favourite season of the year and I can’t wait to see all the changes spring brings. It’s also great to be able to put away all the winter clothes.

Hello spring Lettering by Cristina MartinezTo follow the much apparent trench coat trend this spring I’ve bought this lovely trench coat. I found it in the new spring collection from Hush. It was my Birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I was treated to some other things too. I can’t wait to start wearing my new things.

New spring collection from HushThe gold brogues are just amazing. Love them and they are so comfortable.

gold shoes from the Hush spring collection

spring collection from Hush

New spring collection from Hush

The blue plant (muscari) really reminds me of spring in Norway. We had them in the garden and they normally popped up from under the snow..


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  1. Tamar Mor

    So fresh and green!! Here in Tel Aviv it’s spring for a few weeks already. Thank you!!

    • Hege

      Lucky you! We’re quite far behind here. It’s still really cold and grey..
      Spring is my favourite season, so I can’t wait for it to start. x

  2. Laurence

    Great outfit! Want to see a pix of your trench coat and brogues on you! xx

    • Hege

      Thanks, Laurence! We’ll see.. 😉 xx

  3. Martine M.

    These shoes are terrific!

    ps: sorry for my previously lack of attention, i see on your pinterest account that you’re in Glasgow…

    • Hege

      Hi Martine,
      Aren’t they?! Love the shoes!
      I need an about page…
      I’m just really slow and not sure what to write about myself.. !x

  4. Martine M.

    Hi Hege,
    Slow is good is this crazy world… 😉

    • Hege

      Yes sometimes it is! I don’t have internet access at the studio and think it’s great. I get more done that way. x

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