Paulina has done it again.

I’ve written about Paulina Arcklin before. She’s a Finnish, Amsterdam based Photo Stylist and Photographer. She’s now moved homes and started a new blog. Here are some of her photos.. WOW!! I’m really looking forward to following her. Isn’t she fab?!
Paulina Arcklin new blog

Paulina Arcklin new blog

Paulina Arcklin new blog
Paulina Arcklin new blog
Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

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  1. Le Style

    Hi Hege, Yes she's definitely Fab.
    I follow her on Pinterest and instagram.
    Immediately take a look at her new blog …..

    Thanks for the message!

    The weekend was wonderfully relax and your weekend?
    Happy new week!!

    XO Yet

    • Hege

      Hi Yet,
      She's lovely!
      We've had a lot of rain and some snow..!
      I've started a big painting project, so that's
      fun and I'll show you soon what it is.
      Happy new week to you too! hx


    Looks great, thanks for the tip! Love the first photo with the leather chair and rustic door

  3. Souraya Hassan

    Yes, i like her style so much! These photos are great… And what a light…

  4. Eva

    Oh yes, you are so right Hege, her blog looks lovely!! Thanks for sharing it!
    Hugs, Eva

  5. Miranda

    Oh goody! I really LOVE her photography. Definitely gonna follow her blog. Thanks for sharing Hege!! XX

  6. Marcela Machado Vanègue

    Thanks for sharing! 😀

  7. Elv's

    love love love her work and her new blog ;-)) Thanks for sharing Hege… have a happy new week! hugs x

  8. Stephanie Koster

    What a wonderful WHITE home!
    Does Paulina have a new blog?

    Enjoy your week!

    X Stephanie

  9. Marcella

    Looks great! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Paulina Arcklin

    Thanks Ladies and thanks Hege, my dear friend 🙂 I have a new blog and a new home 😉

  11. Katrin

    beautiful! Thanks for this inspirational hint …

  12. La Musa by Amelia Cazorla

    Love this total white look.

    Congrats for your blog. So fab!

    Best wishes, Amelia.

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