Plant gang for Urban Jungle Bloggers

As a member of fast growing Urban Jungle Bloggers you get a monthly challenge. This months challenge was to show all of your plants. Here’s my studio plant gang!

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hege in France

I don’t know that much about plants, but I’m happy to see that they like living at the studio. They are even showing signs of growth. The Euphorbia Trigona Cactus has got a new head since it moved to the studio. To my surprise it was when I stopped watering it that it grew. I was hardly given it any water at all, but it obviously doesn’t need much. Did it sound like I know plant names there?! Don’t worry, I had to look them up.

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hege in France

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hege in France

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hege in France

The (so true) quote poster is by Minimalistic Mess. Can you see the shoots on the plant? Can’t wait for it to be hanging over the window sill.

Much like the other plants, the Monstera plant loves it here and is my most photographed plant for sure. It’s often on Instagram. In fact, I have one at the studio and one at home.

Urban Jungle Bloggers Hege in France

On my wish list is a Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)…

I’ve missed blogging, but now that my technical issues are sorted, I’m back!

While my blog wasn’t working you might have missed my blog post about Pinterest for Amara. Read it here.



5 Responses

  1. Janneke

    Gorgeous bunch!

    • Hege

      Thank you so much, Janneke. Wish I could find some nice ceramic planters like yours.

  2. Igor

    You have a lush and healthy plant gang, Hege!! Wonderfully put in scene and photographed! Thank you so much for being an Urban Jungle Blogger!

    • Hege

      Thank you so much, Igor. I really enjoyed this months challenge.

  3. Sandy

    Have you a Chinese money plant yet? It is my next houseplant to try. Love the look of it!! Just found a place online to purchase it from.

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