Plants and coffee

Urban Jungle Bloggers‘ January 2015 challenge is to show photos of plants and coffee. I’ve always got a green plant on my desk and I have to admit that I like the odd coffee.

urban jungle bloggers plants and coffee

Urban jungle bloggers plants and coffee

Looks like my empty desk policy didn’t work out, but I love this space and I like being creative..

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  1. Judith

    An empty desk is overrated anyway 😉 It’s nice to have some things around that make you happy while you work, at least that’s what works for me. Thank you for joining us this month, Hege!

    • Hege

      I’ll try to join more often. It was fun!
      Yes, you’re right. It’s nicer like this. x

  2. Jeska

    My desk is pilled with clutter, plants, inspiring packaging – but the colour palette of yours looks lovely calm and serene 🙂

    • Hege

      I go through phases of it being tidy and messy. Thanks, Jeska!

  3. tina @ Colourliving

    I call it ‘creative chaos’ and can’t quite live without it:-)

    Nice plants!

    • Hege

      I like it. Creative chaos it is!
      The plants were a bargain 2 for £3. Works for me!

  4. Leah

    That thing with the empty desk would never work for me – unfortunately! If it’s just tidied times, there is always something that still needs to be placed on the desk. But I love my chaos. “If chaos is a work of art, then my desk is a masterpiece!”
    Greetings, Leah.

    • Hege

      Love it, Leah!

  5. un23 ilaria

    I’d love to meet someone who truly has an empty desk. I try hard to have one but there are always way too many things on it 😉 lovely pictures and styling as usual Hege! xx

    • Hege

      I know, I always seem to put something on my desk instead of putting it away somewhere. Thank you so much, Ilaria! xx

  6. Marjory

    Beautiful sense of aesthetic on your desk. Love the composition that emerged. So serenely alive.

    • Hege

      Thank you, Marjory.

  7. Igor

    Hege, I love your creative chaos!!! And that cactus print is ah-mazing!! Thank you for joining us this month!

    • Hege

      Thank you, Igor! The cactus print is by talented Polly Rowan.

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