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I discovered Nihao Planet a while back and ordered a gorgeous cashmere scarf for my Birthday (yes, I treated myself!). The scarf is super soft and I’ve worn it a lot this spring. Although we’ve had many sunny days lately, we’ve also had a bitter cold wind, so the scarf has come in very handy.

The reason I like Nihao Planet so much is because of the quality of the products, but also the story behind the brand. I love slow living and the beautiful photos this brand is sharing. Take a look at their lovely Instagram account here. It inspires me to stop and take a breath to see what’s around me. This is completely different to fast fashion and I like it. Nature is a big part of this brand and I think it’s nice to see a brand focused around the way we live or even the way we used to live. I think we need to take more time out to appreciate nature. I know I am and I’m really enjoying it.

nihao planet slow living

I love this quote taken from the Nihao Planet website “Lightweight cashmere that feels spun from air, like morning mist above a lake or a soft whisper.” It’s so poetic and definitely emphasises slow living.

It’s all very tactile too. You want to touch the fabrics to check how they feel. Like I said before the scarf I ordered is super soft and feels just lovely. I think it’s a scarf for all year round. I already know it goes well with my winter coat, but I’m sure it’ll look great with a summers dress too.

Nihao planet slow living and beautiful photos

nihao planet slow living AIRY CASHMERE SHAWL BEIGE

slow living nihao planet

Nihao Planet slow living cashmere scarf

nihao planet slow living AIRY CASHMERE SHAWL BEIGE

Have a look at the beautiful pictures from the brand web site. I love the soft natural feel. I also love the Artisan Ceramic Collection. It’s beautiful and I have a couple of things on my wishlist.

nihao planet slow living plate from the Artisan Ceramic Collection nihao planet slow living vase from the Artisan Ceramic Collection

All photos by Nihao Planet, except for the first one by me.


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