I write a lot about how much natural light means to me. This is slightly different but totally related, it’s shadow-play.

The light at this time of year holds a certain quality that I can’t get enough of. It’s like gold dust. Don’t get me wrong, cooler light has its own merits in the colder months. But. No other season can hold a candle (if you’ll excuse the pun) to the sense of warmth that spring and summer sun streaming through the window brings. There’s a reason why us Scandinavians go all out with the Midsummer celebrations!

But the light would be nothing without the shadows, creating depth, drama and texture right in front of you. No matter that we’re having to spend more time at home when you can watch soft shapes move across the wall. Do you ever catch yourself doing that? It’s the shadows that make those stark architectural lines and soft curves, an invaluable ingredient that gives a photo mystic and intrigue depending on how you shoot it.

My home has been throwing out some beautiful examples over the recent weeks. Favourite pieces take on a new dimension especially in that hazy end of day golden hour light.

Why not pick your camera this weekend and capture the shadow-play in your home?


Coffee and Spring shadowshege-morris-shadow-play-livingroomhege-morris-shadow-playGolden hour in the home office

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