Summer of Scandi: Perfect Pieces for Your Garden

This year summer has been stunning, so why not make your garden reflect this natural beauty? Scandinavian furniture, with its minimalist style and durable materials, can be a stylish feature for any garden. It’s built to last so the pieces you invest in now, will be serving you and your garden for years, come rain or shine.

Circular Chairs

A circular chair, though simple, can have a big impact for your garden or patio furniture arrangement. Its round shape looks much more welcoming to sit in rather than your average straight-back chair. The open circle invites you, or your friends and family, to curl up with a good book and enjoy a day in the sun. Cox & Cox offer a wonderful range of them.

Summer of Scandi: Perfect Pieces for Your Garden

Faux Rattan Garden Chair

Fire Pit

Scandinavian countries go through nine months of winter, so it makes sense for a fire pit to be part of their outdoor furniture design. By bringing the fire outdoors, you can make your summer evenings last even longer. It has much more impact than a barbecue, and garden parties can be made more interactive by allowing guests to cook their own kebabs, or perhaps roast marshmallows for a nostalgic dessert.

Faux Rattan Garden Chair

Rusty Brazier

Outdoor Sofa

Architectural Digest recently talked about the reasons why Scandinavian furniture has grown in popularity over the years. One of the reasons its mentions is the simplicity of the style, it lends itself to a timeless and elegant look. Another addition to your garden you could consider is a minimalist outdoor sofa. Again, thanks to the nature of the design, it is built to last in the elements.  You can make your garden that little bit more stylish and inviting, by investing in a simple, outdoor, sofa. It may sound slightly unusual, but it will look right at home.

Summer of Scandi: Perfect Pieces for Your Garden

Nordby Outdoor Dining Set


Minimal garden furniture in grey


Stackable Tables

Another appealing part of Scandi-style furniture is how practical it is. An outdoor stackable table set is a great addition for a garden. You can use it to place down whatever bits you need to, whether it’s an iced tea for relaxing or your tools for doing some gardening. Then if you have guests come round, you can use the other tables to spread out snacks or for everyone to have a place to put their drink. It’s functional and fashionable, what more do you want?


Galvanised Fluted Troughs


You can get this for a maximum comfort in the garden, or – again – to act as another table if needed. An ottoman brings an unexpected element of elegance in your garden. Plus, the rounded edge of it acts as another fine example of the Scandi-style of furniture. You can relax with your feet up, and admire how a few simple additions can transform your garden.


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