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Today I’m teaching myself how to take better photos.. It’s going to take some time to learn how to best use my camera, but at least I’m trying and having fun doing so. Last year I didn’t know anything about photography, so I feel I’ve come a long way although I still have a lot to learn. I’m not saying these are brilliant photos, they are just much better than the ones I took before. It’s all because of the blog, so blogging has taught me a lot. My learning curve last year was very steep and I don’t intend it to stop. It’s sometimes frustrating when you have to do things you know nothing about, but it’s also very satisfying when you feel like you’re getting somewhere and manage to figure it out by yourself. Some things I found difficult and daunting last year are now things I could do in my sleep and have become rutine. Do you sometimes feel like that? That it’s too hard and that you won’t be able to do it? Well, you can! It might take some time, but I belive that anything is possible. You’ve just got to work really hard to get there. 🙂 

Hege in France

Hege in France
Hege in France
Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Ana

    That's my resolution for the year too! Get to know the camera 😉

  2. vanbinnen

    I believe in me!! Trying to get my business started, it's a long way, but i'm taking it step by step. I'm getting there 😉 that's what blogging has brought me , confidense! Nice pics Hege!! Love Greta

  3. Villa Wonka

    Fine bilder 🙂
    Ha en super helg!
    Klem Kristin

  4. (eddas)

    Kjempefine bilder Hege:)
    fin kveld til deg

  5. Lisanne van de Klift

    You go girl!!!! 🙂


    Beautiful pictures !

  7. blooms

    Et bien ces photos sont canon!

    Amorelou 😉

  8. Elv's

    You do great job Hege… they look beautiful! x

  9. Carine//Silence on décore

    Tes photos sont superbes !!

  10. Marit

    Nice photo's! Great job!

  11. Marcela Machado Vanègue

    Good luck! I need to learn too!

    All the best to you!

  12. Regards et Maisons by Nathalie

    Tu fais déjà de très jolies photos Hege. Bises. Nathalie

  13. Katrin

    I loved your description about how blogging helps you to become a better photographer. It's not abizt being perfect, but about getting better every day. And I love your pictures anyway!

  14. Ilaria

    well, we are two then 😉 I am trying to get better everyday … if only I had the time to do it more and more often … but keep on the good work. Your pictures are already VERY good 🙂
    have a great day

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