Trendy minimal lamps from Etsy

I love lamps and have been a bit of a lamp addict for years. An amazing lamp can transform a room and give it that “dot over the i” as we say in Norwegian.. The English equivalent would probably be the icing on the cake.

I absolutely love Yvonne Kone‘s work and her shop. I would be more than happy to move in here. Plus it’s in my favourite place Copenhagen, so that’s a bonus! Do you see what I mean about the lamp?! The shop wouldn’t look the same without it. It’s the pièce de résistance! Everything sounds so much better in French, doesn’t it?! (If you want to see this space in the colour nude check out my post about oversized plants. It does of course looks amazing in that colour too.)

yvonne kone

photo by Yvonne Kone

I’ve found some incredible minimal lamps on Etsy.  They are handmade by talented people and real statement pieces.

minimal lamps from Etsy

Handmade by Balance Lamp (at £90 excluding bulbs, I think this is a steal!)

minimal lamps from Etsy minimal lamps from Etsy

Handmade by Studio PGRB

minimal lamps from Etsy

by Lighting Lamp Design 

Which one is your favourite?!


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