Tuesday Tips – Fake Mantle

This beautiful mantle piece has been nicely decorated for Christmas. 

But as we don’t all have fireplaces, here’s what I suggest to do instead. 
Decorate a dresser, a shelf, a table or a window and show it off like it’s your mantle. 
You can use a garland or simply go out and pick some greenery from a bush or a tree.
Here are some ideas.
from December 2013 issue of Elle magazine
photo by Michael Graydon
photo by Spike Powell
We don’t have a fireplace, so here’s our shelf mantle.. 

Hope you liked today’s Tip

3 Responses

  1. gudy herder

    I didn't know they were called fake mantle, and I always imagined having them around a fireplace. So I just learned something new. Thanks for sharing though, Hege! xx

    • Hege Morris

      Hi Gudy,
      fake mantle was just something I made up.. They are really called garlands. You can get both real and artificial ones. hx

  2. Katrin

    Great Inspiration! Love the dresser and have to go and find some more green for my decoration!

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