Tuesday Tips – FEATHERS

So, as I mentioned yesterday this will be a new weekly column. Sometimes I’ll write it myself and sometimes I’ll ask guests to join in. Could be fun, right?! 

Tuesday Tips will be about DIY projects and little things that can make a big impact. All interior related of course, but from one Tuesday to another the project or tip will be different. So, let’s begin. 

First up.. FEATHERS

I normally make my own cushions covers with polyester inners and had never given it much thought what I filled the cushions with. That was until I saw this comfy and very cozy looking sofa with lovely feather filled cushions. I then started to notice the difference in the actual feel of a photo because of the feathers. 
Hege in France feathers Tuesday Tips photo
via if somebody know the real source for this please let me know

Look at the difference in my two photos. Notice something?! The cushion on the left has got duck feather filling whilst the one on the right hand side has a polyester filling. Which one looks better and more comfy?! I even think it makes the leather chair look better. Feathers can make a hug difference! 

Hege in France feathers Tuesday Tips photo
Here are some examples of cushions with feather inner cushions. 
Don’t they make the places look more lived in and even more welcoming?
Hege in France feathers Tuesday Tips photo photo Daniella Witte
1. Rue mag photo Emily Johnston Anderson 2. Lily photoLikainen Parketti photo Netta-Natalia
1. Rue mag photo Emily Johnston Anderson 2. Lily photoLikainen Parketti photo Netta-Natalia
I hope you like my new weekly post and that you’ll be back for more next Tuesday. 🙂 If you have relevant examples please link below in the comment field. I would love to get some feedback on the new Tuesday Tips column, so please let me know what you think. Good or bad. Thank you!! 
Have a great day!

13 Responses

  1. My Dream

    Jeg bruker KUN dun nå… polyesterputer ser ukoselige ut rett og slett…. den det gikk mangen år før jeg skjønte hvorfor min sofa ikke så koselig ut… ler…

    Klems Diana.

  2. Lallabel

    The feathers surely are more comfy but I think we must pay a big attention to the provenience of feathers, i.e. how were treated the ducks, and not buy without be sure of this point.
    I would like to live in a world where animal rights are important!
    many hugs Hege!

  3. mel

    Fantastic idea Hege! I'm a feather fan indeed. It's great to see the difference that it makes with your example… Funny enough, just this afternoon I took off my cushion covers to was and spoke about the difference a down inner makes, it truly does! M

  4. WeHeartHome

    Big difference!! Thanks for that tidbit Hege 🙂 Great idea for a series, looking forward to more 🙂

    Xx. Holly.

  5. Marcella

    Cool post! The feathers vs. polyester photo is so cool, you can really see the difference! The feather inner cushion looks so much more comfy!

  6. Mars

    Yes there is a big difference about the look. Feathers look very comfy, but I'm also with Lallabel her comment!

  7. Krossmyra

    Spennende med slike innlegg:)
    Jeg bruker også dun i mine puter, STOR forskjell ja!

  8. Mirjam

    Love this post, Hege! I never really thought about this but I will keep it in mind when I'm going to buy pillows again.
    Looking forward to next week's tip!
    X M

  9. Tina Ramchandani

    Love this new column. Looking forward to more tips next week!

  10. how sweet to be a cloud

    hummmmm…ces coussins ont l'air si moelleux!!! 😉
    belle soirée chère hege…j'espère que tu vas bien?
    de grosses bises

  11. Alex

    Nice detail! Feathers do add warmth to the home!Looking forward to your next week's post

  12. Shalagh Hogan

    Reading this reminded me of another article I read recently from the Nester.
    And I don't think I'll ever even thrift a non-feather pillow again. Although the feathers do poke you on occasion, you're right. Even in the photos they look comfortable. Loved your pictures. And the Tuesday theme is great. Thanks.

  13. Mariana

    Lovely blog post and great photographs. Looking forward to more Tuesday Tips!

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