Tuesday Tips – Free Printables

It’s been a couple of fun days. My parents are selling their house in Norway and I said I would help them style before they have photos taken. There was however one slight problem – I’m in Scotland. How did we do it? My Mum suggested sending photos, but of course that would have taken ages. Skype.. We used Skype! It’s been really fun and we called it Live Styling. 😉 Did I know people actually do this for a living – no. It’s all new to me, but I love it! Live Home Styling – what a job! Dream job more like!
We’re trying to make their living room look younger, as we think the house will be bought by a young family it being really close to the school. Works out 65 year olds don’t own any black and white prints, so I sent my Mum round the shops searching for suitable prints. Only problem was she couldn’t find any. Then it hit me – what we can’t buy – we’ll print. There are so many nice free printables out there made by really generous and talented people. I don’t know why this took me so long to figure out, but somethimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you. I’ve found quotes, images – you name it! I’ve put them all in a new Pinterest folder for you all to see. 
Instead of buying posters I got my Mum to print out these free printables. She then put them in frames and it looks really nice. 

We’re hoping for a quick sale, so they can move to Spain in October. We’ve got our flights booked for the October holidays, so it better go smothely. All somebody has to do now is to get the mortgage calulator out and buy the house. As I know it’s a great family home and it’s now time for somebody else to enjoy it. My parents have decided it’s time for them to have an adventure and why not? It’s never too late!

This is the look we’re going for. They have a narrow shelf above the sofa and we’re filling it with frames in different sizes, small vases and a letter. 

photo by Stylizimo
Hope you’ll make use of the free printables and that you enjoyed this Tuesday Tips post! 


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  1. Samantha @Style Space & Stuff.

    I love to change my prints and frames around on a regular basis, but it can be costly buying new prints, finding freebies is a great way to change things up every so often. I've just printed off the 'enjoy the little things' print to pop in a frame!

  2. Jeanette Renting

    Very clever idea!
    And the live styling idea, i love it.
    Good luck to your patents.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Anneke

    Looks great! I wishes I had a house like that.
    Wher in Spain your parents are going live?
    I am sure they will enjoy it a lot!
    ThamX for your inspiration! X

  4. Laurence Hélène Breeden

    Hello Hege, What a great idea! Could we see pix of your parents' new remodelled home? Thanks, Laurence

  5. Regards et Maisons by Nathalie

    Quelle bonne idée Hege ces affiches . Donc tes parents vont devenir espagnols? :))))))

  6. Katrin

    Congratulations – and such a wonderful post!

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