Tuesday Tips – Hammocks

We all love hammocks, don’t we?! I’ve always associated them with trees and summer. You can of course still have a hammock even if you don’t go on holiday or don’t have an outside space. You can hang a hammock inside.. Doesn’t it look like fun?!
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4 Responses

  1. | Harmony and design |

    Amo las hamacas y las que nos has puesto en este post son de lujo.

    | Harmony and design |

  2. Åpent hus

    I love them
    and wanted one for a long time
    now I got one, but no tree to hang it from 🙁

    best wishes

  3. Mariela R.

    OHH! just gave me one and I fell sleep right away!! fast!!

    Big hug!!!

  4. Anneke

    Hollidays and Hammocs.. My favorite combination!
    In South America I enjoyed sleeping in them.
    Did you see this one at my blog? http://muy-bien-blog.blogspot.nl/2013/07/picture-love-4.html

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