Two becomes one

This is my dream. To live in an apartment like this with large windows, high ceilings and lots of space. The light is amazing and so is the furniture and the kitchen. I love the raw look of this apartment. 

Did you notice the dining table? It’s actually two small tables put together. I like the idea. 

Why not get two identical small tables and put them together. Who said you need a large dining table?! I think it looks great. 

all photos by lovely Paulina Arcklin

This is Renee Arns’ apartment in Eindhoven.

Have a great day! 


5 Responses

  1. | Harmony and design |

    Como me encantan estos ambientes envejecidos.
    Qué gozada.

  2. Byfrua

    Kunne absolutt tenkt meg ei slik leilighet. Men det er virkelig langt i fra slik jeg faktisk bor:))
    Men alltid gøy å drømme om noe man ikke har:))

    Klem Veronica

  3. Blåbærtua

    Så utrulig flott leilighet,kunne flytta rett inn,liker den stilen:)
    Ønsker deg ein fin dag!
    Klem fra Lillian

  4. mel

    It's true about the table, we all get so stuck in the conventional… This table looks hot! Always a fan of converted warehouses with dreamy windows. Mel x

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